Lego Super Heroes

Try the Lego Super Heroes game to become the main character of an exciting chase! Would you like to play the role of Spider-Man and run through New York?

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You must play the Lego Super Heroes game if you are a big fan of action-packed games! What is more, this exciting challenge features one of the most iconic superheroes of all time! He is a young teenager who has encountered a radioactive spider. Flexibility, agility, and a great sense of humor are his main qualities. Can you guess who I am talking about?

That's right! Spider-Man is one of the most iconic protagonists in the history of cartoons. You get the unique chance to step into his shoes and experience his powers first-hand. What is more, you get to join him in his home-town, the city of New York.

Lend him a much-needed helping hand by winning a thrilling chase. Do you have the agility and street-smarts necessary for success? There's only one way to find out!

Leap and slide your way to victory!

If you enjoy action-adventure games such as Temple Run, you will undoubtedly have a blast while playing this one! You get to join Spidey for a thrilling run through NY City. Find your way on the high rooftops and navigate all the obstacles in this urban jungle. How far can you go?

Get familiar with the controls and start running! Thankfully, you will soon find that the gameplay is easy as pie! Your character runs automatically. Your only job is to make sure they dodge all the incoming obstacles, by either jumping over or sliding under them. You can do so by pressing the Up and Down Arrows on your keyboard.

By far, the coolest feature of this game is the fact that you can shoot out a strong spider-web, just like the real Spider-Man! You can do so by pressing the Space Bar on your keyboard. However, keep in mind that you need to use this feature wisely, as it won't get you out of any situation!

Reach the high score list with just a few changes to your game!

Are you having fun? Now it's time to accumulate points and beat your own record! To begin with, you should pay close attention to the instructions that the game itself gives you. Press the right key at the right time, and you'll be on your way to a new record! 

However, remember that there are alternative ways to get over inevitable set-backs. As you continue to restart the game, I'm sure you'll get to explore the level map. Take this opportunity to reach new areas and increase the total distance of your run!

Beware of menacing enemies! As you very well know by now, Spider-Man is forced to face some of New York's most dangerous supervillains. For instance, you will be forced to face the terrifyingly evil Dr. Octopus, as well as his menacing metal tentacles. Pay close attention, as each blow will deplete one of your three precious lives! How do you get past him? Don't try to defeat him, just run as fast as you can!

Put your agility to the test in this thrilling adventure game! Aren't you excited to join Spider-Man as he leaps across NY city? Get ready for a real adrenaline rush!