Cranky at the Quarry

Practice teamwork and coordination with the Cranky at the Quarry game! Can you help Mavis and the Troublesome Truck bring Lady rocks from the quarry?

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Thomas and his friends have prepared a test of patience and coordination in the Cranky at the Quarry game! Lady wants to build a fence around her garden but needs some rocks from the quarry. Maybe some trusted pals can help her! Mavis will bring the building materials to and from the quarry with the help of Troublesome Truck. However, since the hopper has broken, you'll have to help Cranky the crane put the rocks inside the truck.

The player needs to use his fine motor skills and coordination to grab rocks with the crane, then drop them onto the truck. How many can they gather in three tries? It all depends on their patience and agility.

How to Play

Naturally, operating a crane in real life is complicated and even dangerous. However, any kid can do it by pressing four buttons in this Thomas the Train adventure by clicking on them. Here is what each one of them does:

 - Blue button: Bring down Cranky's arm to the rock-filled hopper.

 - Orange button: Scoop up the rocks.

 - Yellow button: Swing the arm towards Mavis and Troublesome Truck.

 - Green button: Drop the rocks on Troublesome Truck.

The key to success in this challenge is to be precise in your movements. Players will notice that it takes two clicks to grab the rocks with the crane, then two turns to bring it into position.

What else you should know

Dropping the rocks in the truck is the trickiest part! As Troublesome Truck can't stop moving, you must drop the rocks at the perfect moment, or they'll land on the ground! Yikes!

At the end of the three rounds, the score tallies how many rocks Lady receives for her fence. She needs more than fifty to complete her project. Therefore, players should try again if they miss one of their crane drops.

This thrilling quarry adventure will help young players develop their motor skills by joining Thomas' pals for a fun mission. Besides, they'll learn that collaboration makes any job more fun!