Soy Luna: Roller Pop

Put your matching skills into practice with Soy Luna: Roller Pop game! Complete various challenges, pass the levels, and build your own Soy Luna Scrapbook!

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About Soy Luna: Roller Pop Game

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Soy Luna: Roller Pop game is a fun, creative challenge for all Soy Luna lovers! You'll see Soy Luna dance, spin, slide, jump, and roll as you match icons and unlock game-changing power-ups and prizes.

The primary game objective is to match groups of at least three similar icons, so you can advance through the levels. While doing this, you might also face various challenges that make the game even more fun. Are you ready for the adventure?

How to Play

Just use your mouse to click or touch on an icon and drag it to the others to make a match. To complete a level, you have to keep matching chains at least three icons of the same kind to fill the level bar. The longer the chain, the more points you'll get. Just try to get enough points to reach one star to pass the level.

There is a limited number of moves in each stage. The less you use, the more coins you get at the end of the stage. Whenever you find yourself out of new matching options, you can always use the shuffle button and reposition some icons. 

While playing, you can also complete different challenges and get cool prizes. For instance, you can unlock additional pages for your scrapbook. Then, you can fill the pages of your Scrapbook with Soy Luna characters and amazing stickers that you get during the challenges.

What else you should know

Try to match the fever icons to build up the fever bar and activate the Roller Fever Mode. Until the bar runs out, matches are worth double points!

Each time you manage to match a chain of seven icons or more, you'll get a power-up. The power-ups will give you additional boosts, which you can use to your advantage.

For instance, one power-up can blast away the nearby icons, including frozen or solid blocks. Another one can change a random selection into Roller Fever icons. You get the idea.

So, what do you say? Would you like to create your own version of Soy Luna's story? Maybe, who knows, you'll also learn some new dance moves!