Full Speed Extreme Turbo

Race through the city with Danger Mouse in the Full Speed Extreme Turbo game! Can you help him reach the finish line as quickly as possible?

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About Full Speed Extreme Turbo Game

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Prepare to go on a wild chase around the city in the Full Speed Extreme Turbo game! Danger Mouse and Penfold are fighting evil yet again, and they must chase down the villains. It's time to join your friends, so hop in the car and step on the gas! Do you have what it takes to complete this thrilling adventure?

The race is about to begin! Are you a great driver and want to put your reflexes to the test? If so, go around the city, watch out for any obstacles ahead, and change lanes as quickly as possible! You can even use the ramps to perform some cool tricks and show off your skills!

How to Play

Let's get started! To drive Danger Mouse's car, you'll need to use your keyboard. All you have to do is press the Left and Right arrows or A and D keys to switch lanes. Will you be able to avoid all the obstacles ahead?

Your job is to ride through the city with Danger Mouse and Penfold. Can you help your friends reach the Baron on time and save the day? If so, you must pay attention to the road and stay out of trouble! Luckily, the meter at the top of the screen will show you how long is left before arriving at the finish line.

First things first, you must pick your favorite car between Turbo, Super Turbo, and Extreme Turbo. Remember to choose wisely because a faster vehicle is harder to control!

Next, you must select one of the five chapters, such as Greenback in Time or Planet of the Fakes. Remember that each one takes place in a different location, so think before choosing where you want to go first!

What else you should know

If you're aiming for a high score, it's important not to run into any obstacles. If you do, you will lose precious time. The longer it takes you to finish the race, the fewer points you will earn at the end! This is why you must keep your eyes on the road and avoid any objects or debris ahead!

To increase your speed, look for nitro boosters or use the ramps to jump. These will help you arrive even faster at the finish line and set a new record!

However, it's also important not to miss any coins on your way. If you see one, switch from one lane to another and pick up the currency to increase your score!

Well, what are you waiting for? The race is about to begin, and Danger Mouse and Penfold are counting on you to join them. It's time to step on the gas and get ready for an adrenaline-filled drive through the city!