Pat`s Picture Puzzles

Play Pat`s Picture Puzzles
Play Pat`s Picture Puzzles

About Pat`s Picture Puzzles Game

If you need a break from fixing and repairing things around, then go for something more relaxing and do a puzzle in Pat`s Picture Puzzles Game. She has been gathering so many photos as memories, and she did puzzles out of them just for you.

Because they are more enjoyable when the picture at the end is very nice, she picked the best out of them for you. There is no other better way to remember such sweet moments! Choose between Beginner and Advanced to pick the puzzle that you think is better for you. If you are new to this, try the beginner first before going for the advanced ones.

When you have made up your mind, go ahead and choose the picture. Click on the More button to see them first and choose the one that you like best by clicking on the image. Once clicked, the pieces will scatter around the place, and you can start gathering them.

Pick them carefully with your mouse and stick them together one by one until the image is complete. If you need any help doing it, simply press the Hint button, and the image of the completed puzzle will appear.

When you have managed to put two pieces together properly, a voice will tell you something encouraging to let you know that you are doing well and that you should continue. Make sure that you get to do them all by the time you leave the game because they are all precious memories with all the tools together.

Good luck and relax in this little break from a mechanic`s job!

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