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The Earth needs salvation. Our planet starts getting more and more unhappy because of the pollution and because of our excessive waste of water and other resources. Be amongst the ones that actively contribute to salving the planet and come play The Three-in-a-Row Green Planet Show Game.

How much do you know about the planet and the ways to keep it clean and safe? Show us your general knowledge and the way you were educated by winning this highly educative and at the same time entertaining game. All you need to do is to get three questions in a row right. You will play inside a square divided into nine other tiny squares. Similar to the “x” and “0” game, you will have to make a selection, answer the question in that box correctly and score three boxes in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Play fill your boxes with some clean air, a really healthy land or beautiful sparkling water. Play with the narrator or with another player, whether it is a friend or a family member and test your knowledge as well as theirs. Are trees important for keeping the Earth healthy? Should you turn off the light when you leave a room? Is it ok to leave the water running while you brush your teeth? Do you know the answer to all of these and many other questions? Then the game is already won by you, and our planet is in competent hands. By winning this game, you do not only get three in a row, but you also broaden your view upon the world we live in now and the ways to have an impact on the environment.

Make the Earth a better place by starting with making a change in yourself. Find out more about our beautiful planet and contribute to saving it by playing this amazing game.

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