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About Toy Factory Game

If you are still undecided on what job you should have when you grow up, then you should consider toymaking as one. Help Manny fix some toys for one of his friends in the town and see whether you are good at it in Toy Factory Game.

Playing this game will surely improve your creativity and will let your imagination flow freely. Just feel free to create the toys however you want! Start by choosing the main part of the toy. It can be either an alien spaceship, a car, a fire truck maybe a rocket or even a ball or a square. No matter which one you choose there will be plenty of things to do to it later on. When you have made up your mind, click on the preferred one and let us get going.

Every toy has some special things you can add to it. Depending on which main piece you have chosen there will appear different pieces that can be attached. There can be windows or portholes, Airplane wings or bird wings, antennas or legs and lots and lots of others.

When you think that you found one that would fit well your toy, select it by clicking on it and place it on the toy. Be careful because you cannot place it anywhere, move it around the place you want it to go and when the toy lights up it means that you can put it there. Click when you have located the perfect spot and then finish by screwing, nailing or even gluing it to the base.

When you consider that you have finished building your creation, press the animate button to see it come to life!

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