World Music with Manny

Give a hand in World Music with Manny game, and lend him your ears to fix Mr. Chu's jukebox. Listen to each track and match it with the proper song!

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The break is over in World Music with Manny Game, and he has something else to repair. Mr. Chu's jukebox has broken, and all the labels are messed up now. He cannot listen to any of his music at the moment. Inside it, he had all sorts of music coming from all over the world, and now whenever he pressed the Chinese music button, Scottish music comes out and instead of Turkish songs there will be some Australian ones.

Nobody has seen such a mess before, but fortunately, Manny is here to take care of another unfixable thing in no time. Because there are so many tags and vinyl records and he is not exactly a musical person, he also needs a little bit of help from you to recognize some genres of music and to match them accordingly.

How to Play

Listen carefully to the main track that is playing at the moment. Remember the sounds and when it stops, go over the other vinyl records with your cursor to play them. Listen to a little bit to all of them and after you have finished, choose the one that you think matches the previous song the best. Click on it and see what Many says, if he tells you that it does not sound the same, then you should try again with another one, but if you are right he will put another track for you to listen and match.

In the end, you will get to listen to all sorts of music from different nationalities. Find out which one you like best and do not forget to print the map to see where precisely that song belongs.