School for Tools: The Right Tool for the Job

Play School for Tools: The Right Tool for the Job
Play School for Tools: The Right Tool for the Job

About School for Tools: The Right Tool for the Job Game

To be able to do any task successfully, first, you need to learn how to do it. That is why everybody goes to school and sometimes even to college. There you can acquire some new sets of skills and a lot of knowledge that will enable you to do things right. But what do tools do when they want to start working in a shop? Well, surely they have to learn their purposes.

Try out some lessons in School for Tools: The Right Tool for the Job Game, where nobody other than Handy Manny is the teacher, and all of his tools are the students. Graduate his courses, and you will surely be the sharpest tool in the shed!

Each lesson will present you with a new thing that has to be fixed, from a piece of wood that needs to be cut or screwed to some sawdust that needs to be cleaned away from the working surface you will have to learn to do all these.

Do not worry because Many is an excellent teacher and he will patiently explain to you what you need to do with every broken object. Then he will take a few objects out of the drawer and will tell you what each object can do. When you have all the pieces of information in your head, it will be your turn to think and choose the right tool.

For example, if you need to straighten a wire or something else, you should go for Squeeze. She is a tool called pliers, and she can grab anything and bend it in the direction you want. When you need to work with some pipes, go ahead and use Rusty. He can help you with screw them together and to take them apart! He is a monkey ranch tool, and because his mouth is very flexible and can be adjusted, can hold or screw something in place.

Change a tire in no time using the help of Ticks and Totts, two twin socket wrenches. One of them can hold the wheel in place while the other loosens the other side. Those are just a few of all the tools that you will learn to use during the lessons, and each time you will show Manny that you are trying really hard to learn he will give you one golden star as a reward. Keep in mind though that as you advance, he will give you things that are harder to mend, and more tools to chose from. This means that only by paying close attention will you manage to succeed but even though it is hard, it not far from impossible.

Whenever you need some additional help, do not hesitate and press the question mark to hear some indications. Do not be afraid to make mistakes because nobody is going to yell at you for that, and they are part of the learning process. Play again and again until you are familiar with every tool and know exactly what it does.

Good luck and do not forget to have fun during the lessons!

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