What are the most popular Girls Games?

  1. Barbie: Makeover Studio
  2. My Scene: Shopping Spree
  3. Bratz Makeover
  4. My Scene: Room Makeover
  5. Snip 'n Style Salon
  6. Dazzling Nails
  7. Let's Baby-Sit Baby Krissy
  8. My Scene: Beauty Studio
  9. My Scene: Shopping Spree 2
  10. Polly Party Pickup

What are the best Girls Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Barbie: Makeover Studio
  2. My Scene: Shopping Spree
  3. Bratz Makeover
  4. My Scene: Room Makeover
  5. Snip 'n Style Salon

Step into a care-free world, filled with fun, color, and magic!

Play Girls Games if you are a fan of everything glittery, sparkling, adorable, and glamorous! Do you feel the need to escape monotony everyday life? Are you bored with the same grey buildings, dull backgrounds, and lifeless environments? Then you have come to the right place!

Now you have the opportunity to leave your day-to-day life behind and become immersed in a different world. Here, everything is bright-colored and fun, and everybody is wearing a broad smile on their face! What is more, if you love hearts, butterflies, rainbows, and all things girly, this is the place for you! Have you guessed what I am talking about already? That's right, you have arrived in the magical and bright-pink world of games for girls!

Who will you meet here? Well, you are in for a lot of fun encounters! Have you ever wanted to hang out with a real princess? What about a fairy, or even a magical pony? In your exciting journey, you will be accompanied by so many unique characters.

Moreover, you will have the opportunity to meet many strong, independent, and talented women. They will let you join in on their adventures, entertain you, and also give you the chance to learn a thing or two. Besides, you don't even have to be a girl to enjoy this magical universe! So stop hesitating and join in on the fun!

Let your creativity and fashion sense shine!

Naturally, an essential element when we're talking about the magical world of Girls Games has to do with clothes, accessories, and style. It's time to let your inner fashionista run wild! You have a wide array of activities at your disposal, which allows you to experience different sides of the clothing industry.

For instance, Barbie: Fashion Frenzy game allows you to become the manager of the chicest boutique in town, accompanied by the most famous blonde in the world, Barbie. If your dream is to spread the great power of a stunning outfit to the whole world, you should explore the category for games of this type. After all, everybody could use the confidence brought by a perfect outfit!

Another classic in this category of games is the dress-up game. There is nothing more relaxing than becoming the personal stylist of your favorite characters. You have the opportunity to access some of the most luxurious and diverse closets!

Furthermore, some of the most iconic characters in the animated series are leaving their style in your hands! Do you know which dress-up games are the most entertaining? Those who focus on special occasions, of course! For instance, you can help a magical unicorn princess feel spectacular on the most special day of her life with Rarity's Wedding Dress Designer game. Doesn't it sound merely delightful?

Become a hair and make-up specialist with Girls Games!

Can you think of anything more relaxing than a day at the beauty parlor? Now you can join in on all the girly fun without even leaving your bedroom! Besides, there are many other advantages to visiting a virtual salon.

For instance, the notion of a bad haircut or an unfortunate dye job doesn't exist in this universe! Isn't it cool that you can erase any mistakes with the simple click of a button? I wish it were that easy in real life! Experiment with the hairstyles of beloved characters with options such as the Polly's Hair Stylin' Salon game.

What else is needed for the ultimate make-over? I'm talking about make-up and nails, of course! These final touches can add a little extra flavor to any look. Oh, and they are also so much fun! Are you ready to test out some unexpected combinations and make some bold choices? 

The beauty of make-up games is the fact that you can let your creativity run wild. Bright eyeshadow, fun lipstick colors, and tons of glitter will make your day better! And who knows, maybe you'll be courageous enough to try some of these options on yourself! Everything is possible with My Scene: Beauty Studio game, and many other exciting and creative possibilities.

How good are your decorating skills?

Are you ready for something a little different? Then its time to put your impeccable taste to the test with an entirely new type of challenge. Now that your look is on point, it's time to get busy with decorating your environment!

Your room needs to reflect your wonderful personality, as well as your hobbies, likes, and dislikes. Besides, you should also take into account some of the latest trends in interior design! Maybe you don't have the time or the resources to redo your real room right now, but these games allow you to plan. With Bratz: Bedroom Designer game, you can enjoy all the fun and excitement of redecorating without any of the mess!

Need an escape from the monotony of the world around you? Do you want to hang out with some of the most beautiful, smart, and outgoing girls in the world? Then feel welcome to explore and lose yourself into the world of Girls Games! Girl or boy, young or old, everybody should get immersed in this bright-pink and sparkle-filled world every once in a while. All you need to do is step back, relax, and let your creativity run wild!

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