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Enter the My Scene World!

We all adore fashion, do we not? With its fluctuations and its way of being unpredictable most of the time. Besides, it is always there for you whenever you have a problem. And what could not be fixed by a high-quality shopping session? There are a bunch of beautiful girls who share our opinion regarding shopping and fashion: the girls from the My Scene movies and series of figures. Explore the collection of My Scene Games and get to know a lot more exciting things about them!

My Scene is an American line of beautiful, fashionable dolls created by Mattel in 2002. Their unique style, skinny bodies, and noticeable makeup were the trademarks of dolls collection. The series initially consisted in only three characters. But later, it expanded to ten different figures. As the dolls gained more and more popularity, three brilliant movies featuring these fashionable girls aired.

And now, not only do you get to play with the collection of My Scene dolls, but you have the unique opportunity to join the girls throughout their adventures. How specifically? Just by exploring the games. Each one more interesting than the one before, the games take you for a ride in the beautiful world of My Scene fashion. So what are you waiting for? Buckle up and enjoy your new possibilities alongside your favorite dolls in the My Scene Games.

Meet the My Scene Dolls

Initially, in the My Scene dolls collection, there were only three girls. Barbie was everyone's dream girl. With her light skin, long blond hair and ocean eyes, every girl dreamt of being a Barbie. It is the doll that gained the most popularity in the entire world. And some might argue that it is the main character of the My Scene series. She enjoys regular fashionable girl activities. You might see her in the My Scene Games as well, practicing hobbies such as going shopping, going to the spa and so on.

Madison is a beautiful African-American girl with blue eyes and curly hair. She is the urban girl that adores traveling, getting her manicure and pedicure done. And most of all, she is the real shopper of their little girl gang. If you decide to play the My Scene Shopping Spree Game, make sure that Madison is one of the shoppers that you will select. She will totally help you pick up the best outfit of all times. Believe us when we tell you that shopping is just like Madison's superpower.

Chelsea, the Scorpio of the group, is a tall, light-skinned, hazel eyed beauty. As any other Scorpios out there, she is a funky and unpredictable soul full of energy and potential. And her outstanding talents revolve around designing the most amazing clothes the girls have ever seen. She wants to be a fashion designer. She owns a website and, as any other respectable fashion designer, a notebook. This is where she draws all of her ideas. It is her little treasure.

More girls joined the little group of friends. They are Nolee, Delancey, Kenzie, Kennedy, Nia, and Jai. And you get to select your favorite character in each one of the My Scene Games.

Fashion Before Everything

What the girls have in common is their keen sense of style. They adore fashion more than anything. In the movie called My Scene: Masquerade Madness you will get to see this more clearly than ever. The film features Chelsea who has to create an entire line of clothing for a fashion show. She is willing to risk her grades and fail the geometry class just to make sure that everything will be alright for the world of fashion. She feels embarrassed for her grades, though. And that determined her to ask a friend to tutor her. But nevertheless, the risk that she was willing to take in the name of fashion was in the end, rewarded.

By scooping through the My Scene Games collection, you might encounter the My Scene Fashion Designer Game. Here, you get to live a day of Chelsea's life and design your own clothes. Sketch some delightful designs and stick them in your new notebook inspired by the one that Chelsea owns. Maybe you will get to be a fashion designer once. Do not be scared to pursue your dreams and organize a whole fashion show with your own personal designs. But make sure you do not risk your grades! Fashion is important and wonderful, but so is school. And the girls from My Scene know it, too.

Friendship always counts

Even though the world of fashion is a wild and harsh one, the girls are never alone in it. They always have each other's backs. They are the proof that friendship conquers everything. Their friendship has been tested numerous times. In the My Scene: Jammin' in Jamaica movie, Barbie thought that Madison wanted to steal her boyfriend. In My Scene: Masquerade Madness, Chelsea was ashamed of the fact that she was failing her geometry class. She did not want to let her friends know about this. In My Scene Goes to Hollywood, Madison has a fight with the girls and thinks she is too busy with her new job. But in the end, every fight finds its solution and every problem, the ending. And this occurs only through the strength of true friendship. In the My Scene Games, you will always see the girls taking care of each other.

You can now be their fashionable friend, too. Help them with their manicure in the Dazzling Nails Game. Be their makeup artist in the My Scene Beauty Studio Game. Or even more entertaining: go shopping with them! Have we made you interested? Then join your favorite characters and play the marvelous My Scene Games. Be a fashion designer, a shopper or a brilliant manicurist. But most importantly, be the girls' friend!

There are currently 18 free online My Scene games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones.