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Join Nolee for a fortune-telling session in the My Scene: Fortune Fun game! Think of your question, shuffle the cards, and see what the future holds!

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If you're a fan of Barbie and the My Scene squad, you know that Nolee is an amazing fortune-teller. Are you ready to ask her some questions in the My Scene: Fortune Fun game? The girl is ready to find out all about your karma through her cards. Aren't you excited to learn the answers?

Fortune-telling is an art ancient as time, and because of this, you can trust its' answers. Think of a question, shuffle the cards, and get ready! All you have to do is flip them over. Are you prepared to find out the truth?

How to Play

Just like in real life, you can sit down and wait for the magic to happen. Use your keyboard to fill in the info, then grab your mouse to shuffle the cards. Once you're ready, you can click on the stop button, and your fortune will be revealed! Doesn't it sound exciting? 

Is it time for throwback Thursday yet? This game is very straightforward, but it will help you remember all about Nolee and the My Scene girls! If you're ready for a walk down memory lane, go ahead and think of a question! Your friend is ready to find out all about your future! 

It's time to let the cards talk! You can ask the fortune-teller all about your love life, friends, or even secrets. How cool will it be to know if your crush likes you too? Write down your name, pick your request for the cards, then let the magic begin!

Once you are ready, it's time to stop the shuffling! Your three cards will then be laid in front of you. Are you prepared to uncover your past, present, and future? You'll definitely receive some good news!

What are you waiting for? Nolee is ready to put her fortune-telling skills to use! Let your friend work her magic, and see what lies ahead of you!