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Test your intelligence and speed with the My Scene Jigsaw game! Recreate a fabulous photo of your favorite My Scene character as fast as you can!

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Enjoy the opportunity to improve your puzzle solving skills with the My Scene Jigsaw game! Do you think that fashion and intelligence don’t mix? Well, think again, as this game gives you the opportunity to hang out with your fabulous friends from My Scene while improving your problem-solving skills. Are you ready to have fun and become better at jigsaws? 

The game is quite simple and easy to play. You are presented with an empty board and 25 puzzle pieces placed on top of each other, in a random order. You need to arrange the slices in order to put together a photo of one of the My Scene characters. It might seem tricky at first, as there is no reference for the image that you are recreating! However, there are some tips and tricks for becoming the best at this game!

Time to become a jigsaw master!

To begin with, the gameplay consists of merely dragging and dropping each puzzle piece in the appropriate place. If your choice was right, the pieces will fit together seamlessly. However, if a part is not in the right location, it will just sit on top. This lets you know that you need to rethink your move!

An excellent way to play this game is to pay attention to each piece’s specific shape. Find the corresponding silhouette on the yellow board, and you are one step closer to completing the image. Another helpful tip is to look for the four corners of the image in the pile of pieces. This will surely give you a good starting point!

As the pieces come together, you will be able to enjoy a fabulous scene featuring Chelsea, a fashionable My Scene character. Her emerald green eyes and fabulous silver gown will surely make an impression! Make sure you fit the pieces together as fast as you can to enjoy her stylish look!

Congratulations! You have managed to complete the image! At the end of each game, you will be able to see how long it took you to successfully complete your task. Challenge your friends to a jigsaw competition and see who is the fastest and smartest fashionista!