What are the most popular Puzzle Games?

  1. Disney Junior Puzzles
  2. Red Ball 1
  3. Tom's Trap-o-Matic
  4. Crystal Cove Online
  5. Best Game Ever
  6. Manny's Puzzle Pipes
  7. Diego's Puzzle Pyramid
  8. Rig-A Bridge
  9. Monster Freakout
  10. Diego's Great Jaguar Rescue

What are the best Puzzle Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Disney Junior Puzzles
  2. Tom's Trap-o-Matic
  3. Manny's Puzzle Pipes
  4. Diego's Puzzle Pyramid
  5. Rig-A Bridge

Why we love Puzzle Games

There's nothing like playing Puzzle Games to kill boredom while becoming smarter! Ever since the dawn of humanity, we have always loved to test or intelligence with brain teasers and fun problems. Therefore, it's only natural that the invention of video games was a step forward in this direction. Can you believe how many types of logic-based games have come out since?

Besides proving our intelligence, there are many other reasons why we enjoy playing games that test our brainpower. For instance, we can all agree that you feel great satisfaction after successfully solving a conundrum! As you already know, most games start with easy levels that illustrate the basic rules and concepts of the game. However, soon enough, you will find yourself solving complex challenges of much higher difficulty. Is anything more gratifying than that?

Of course, we mustn't forget about the original puzzle game! Isn't it remarkable that now we can play it online? Everybody remembers taking out the box filled with many small pieces, then assembling them to form a familiar image.

Sadly, more often than not, there was at least one piece missing. How disappointing! The good news is that online gaming prevents this problem from the get-go. Try your hand at the My Little Pony Puzzle game to see for yourself!

Simple ideas are often the most fun!

Have you ever wondered why the most popular games in the history of mankind have just a few rules and a simple concept? Obviously, it seems like there's a certain charm in simplicity. Nevertheless, simple doesn't mean easy in this situation!

Don't be fooled by a game with just a few controls and straightforward in-game goals. The fewer features and options you have, the more you need to use your skills. Think hard about every move and try to find the best solution! Can you beat the World's Hardest Game 2, for instance? It's a great challenge for any gamer!

As technology progressed, so did the appearance of our favorite online brain teasers! Consequently, the world of brain teasers became three-dimensional and much more exciting. Isn't it awesome that you can test out and improve your spatial recognition? Simply put, these games will help better the way you see and manipulate objects in space. You can get started with the B Cubed game!

Did you know that a game doesn't need to be extremely serious to be challenging? In fact, they can be so funny you'll find yourself laughing out loud! However, you will need a touch of creativity and resourcefulness to solve these unconventional problems. Can you think out of the box? It's such an important trait! Play There is no Game to experience a new type of puzzle, unlike anything you've ever seen!

Help your favorite characters using your wits!

Wait, there's one more ingredient missing! What makes learning and solving problems fun? That's right, I am talking about your friends from the most famous cartoon series! In fact, even well-loved classic games that require problem-solving skills can be more entertaining when they become part of a bigger story.

Do you enjoy matching gems of the same type to score points? Try it with the cool members of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the Booyakasha Blitz game!

Are you good at spelling? If not, then you should definitely get some practice. Don't worry, I am not talking about boring exercises and homework! Everybody knows that the best way to learn is joined by your friends. Would you like to meet up with some of the coolest heroes while also finding your way with words? Thankfully, you can do just that by playing the Ghoul Search game and joining the awesome students of Monster High.

We saved the best for last! I think we can all agree that some of the most interesting challenges are physics games. What does that mean? You will need to use every element in the environment to achieve a goal. Most of the time, this involves moving an object from one side of the board to the other.

However, your lovely cartoon friends can make this process much more fun! For example, you can help Scooby-Doo acquire his favorite tasty treats with the Snack Machine game!

Puzzle Games are so varied! They test many different aspects of intelligence and require specific skills for success. Clearly, there's something to suit everybody's taste here! Are you looking to become smarter while also having a blast? We have the perfect games for you!

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