Monster Freakout

Can you solve the puzzle in the Monster Freakout game? Click to swap cards and match as many pairs as you can! Keep an eye for the Wild and Mystery cards!

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Mix and match in the Monster Freakout game! Your friends from Monster High have yet again prepared a new challenge for you. They made some cool monster cards for you. Now all you have to do is to match them.

Your job is to find cards that have the same print and see whether they are next to each other. If that happens, congratulations! You have made your first match.

Who doesn't like a nice puzzle game once in a while? They are very engaging. No matter how much you play, you can never get tired of them. This game, in particular, is even more fun to play. You'll see some very unique cards once in a while. They'll totally surprise you.

How to Play

The aim of this game is to match cards. They should have the same picture on them. When at least two similar cards are one next to the other, you can click on them. Once you do that, they will leave the table, and you will get points for that! If you are lucky, you will find more than two cards. Just think about how many points you will score!

If the situation goes out of hand, feel free to push the Mix It Up button. It will rearrange all the cards that are on the board. Hopefully, they will even make a match! Unfortunately, you can use this trick only three times during the same game. More than that, good things come with a price. Each time you will press that you will lose 200 points!

What else you should know

There is hope left, though! Every once in a while, some special cards will appear. One of them is called the Wild card. This one is so special that it can turn into anything you need. No need to worry about things that do not match.

The other one is called the Mystery card. This one is a little bit more tricky. Once put on the board, it will transform into a random card. And if it is not the one you wanted then, Ouch!

If none of these tricks worked, then you are left with only one solution. Try to end the game and start a fresh one! Give it a few tries until you get a grasp over it. Once you get it, you are sure to love it.