Secret Creepers Adventures

Bring out the detective within you in the Secret Creepers Adventures game. Click on objects lying around and find the clues that lead to the lost treasures!

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About Secret Creepers Adventures Game

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Your favorite characters need help in the Secret Creepers Adventures game! Each of them has lost something very precious to them. And now they cannot find it by themselves. They need your sharp eye to get back their things, and quick! There's no time to lose, this is a monster emergency!

Jump into this fun game and find all the clues leading to their long lost treasure. Watch closely around until you find all the little leads taking you to the big prize. If you think it is not enough a challenge for you, then wait and see for yourself. Some of the clues are not that easy to find. 

Be part of our mission!

The pets of your friends at Monster high are here to elucidate the mystery. First and foremost, pick the pet you like the most. Each of them has a different mission prepared especially for you. Work closely with Count Fabulous, Shiver, Sir Hoots A Lot, or Watzit. They might seem cute and fluffy, but don't be fooled by their appearances. They are well trained! 

Choose your pet, and then you'll find the story behind each case. For this game, you will need to find certain things. They will all be hiding in the room you are looking at. Some might be hiding in plain view, whereas others might be well concealed in the dark corners. So be on the lookout!

When you think you have found something worth keeping, click on it. See whether it goes into your inventory. If it does, then good job! You little Sherlockian detective! Use then the valuable object you have found to unlock others. By dragging them with your mouse to places where they belong, you will solve the mystery. 

There are also Secret Creepers and Critters Lying around all over the place. Collect those little beasts to gain extra points to the Bonus Timer. This way, you will have enough time to carefully think about your next move, right miss detective?

You should also know...

Sometimes a detective's job is harder than it seems, so don't be discouraged. Some of the clues might be split into more separate pieces as well! Think about it like being a challenging puzzle. Just take your time to find all the parts. Put them together, and all things will fall into place. 

In this game, it is not enough just to find things around. You must also make logical deductions. Like where those clues should go. Maybe that cable connects to a phone or a printer? Don't forget to think, think, think! 

Here is a tip from another detective. Look closely at the inventory! You will notice there some blurred shapes. Well, those are the shapes of the things you must be searching for. Use your intuition and guess what that object might be! That should ease up everything for you.

When you have completed your mission, you can take a well-deserved break. But remember! A detective's work is never done. So go ahead and start a new challenge. Choose another pet and help your friends find their lost things. Each test is different, so it will never become boring.