Creepateria Food Fright

Aim and throw in the Creepateria Food Fight game! Make sure all the other students get a taste of your aiming skills in this entertaining food war!

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A food fight has begun in the Creepateria Food Fight game! The students from Monster High surely are very competitive when it comes to their after-school clubs. Who would have thought that such a monstrous mess could come out from some lists! 

Arm yourselves with all the green gruel you can find around and let the fight begin! The students of Monster High need your combat skills in this exciting game. Their spirits are hauntingly high and ready for the collision. So come on and show them how to do it properly.

Ready, aim, throw!

If you have been in a food fight before, you should already know that it is a dirty business. No one gets out clean from a place like this! So prepare yourself to face this messy job. The game itself is pretty easy, so you will only need your mouse and the spacebar. 

Show off your quick reactions and move the mouse swiftly to aim for the other students. They will be hiding under the cafeteria tables, searching for pieces of food to throw at you. Prepare yourself for the impact or, even better, get them before they hit you! Move the red dot over them to aim. When you think that the position is right, click fast to shoop some ghoul gruel at them. 

If you are not fast enough, the other students will have enough time to prepare and aim for you. It is essential to be the first one to throw. Otherwise, they will take advantage of your weakness and launch some monster food.

If that happens, make sure to use the spacebar. It will allow you to block any edible ammo heading towards you. As soon as you see it coming, go ahead and press space to duck!

What else you should know

Fortunately for you, the game is not that simple. There are also other challenges sprinkled here and there. One of them is to be very careful at whom you are aiming with your food. If you hit a student, you will not get punished for that, but if you accidentally hit a teacher, well, hell breaks loose.

I can guarantee you that no teacher likes yucky green ghoul gruel. Avoid at all costs to splatter Mr. Lou Zarr or Headless Headmistress Bloodgood. If hit, it will cause you to lose precious points! 

There are also some perks amidst the hurdles put ahead for you. If you, by any chance, see Mr. Hack, make sure to get him as dirty as possible. You wonder why? Well, because if you manage to get him, you will get a mega boost of rapid-fire hot dogs. Sounds cool, eh? Then wait until you see the faces of your classmates when they get hit by hot dogs! Priceless. 

Good Luck and take care! When you get hit more than three times, you lose a life, and you only have three. This game is sure to raise your spirits and keep you glued to your screen. Now go ahead and throw some gruel at your unsuspecting targets! They will have no idea what hit them.