Pom-Pom Panic!

In the Pom-Pom Panic game, Frankie Stein is working hard to become a cheerleader. Help her train and impress the famous Monster High Fear Squad!

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Everyone has always been impressed by how pretty and energetic a cheerleader can be. This is why Frankie Stein also wanted to become one in the Monster High team. Would you like to give her a hand with her performance in the Pom-Pom Panic game?

Frankenstein's daughter is known for her positive energy and always wanting to try out new things. But she's a little clumsy with her falling limbs, so she believes you're perfect for helping!

How to Play

The scouting process consists of three different stages: auditions, practice, and performance. Of course, you must pass the tryouts first to see if you have what it takes to be a Fearleader.

To do that, you should impress Cleo with a synced routine. Using the Left, Right, Up, and Down arrow keys, press them whenever they light up to the beat. This can mean only one button, or maybe a combination of two.

For a perfect audition, you should guide yourself following the girls behind you. When the circle around you turns green, it means it's your time to dance, but only according to the rhythm.

A perfect movement is worth 1000 points. If you happen to miss a move, there's actually no penalty to your score.

Keep the Fear Meter under control!

Now that you finally made it into the team, you should prepare for the big halftime show! The crowd will freak out when they see your fantastic routine.

You have to follow the same steps as the tryouts, but there's something new for you to pay attention to. At the bottom of the screen, you will notice a fear meter. If you nail your steps, then it will keep growing. And once it reaches the green zone, you will perform a bonus move worth 1500 points!

Congratulations! You made it into the Monster High Fear Squad, and your whole show just went viral! Who would have thought that a clumsy zombie can become one of the greatest cheerleaders ever?