Ghoul Juice

Prepare spooky zombie cocktails by playing the Ghoul Juice game! Help Ghoulia Yelps find the perfect recipe and follow the secret formula at the end!

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About Ghoul Juice Game

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If you are a fan of Halloween and all of its creepy decorations and costumes, then the Ghoul Juice game is ideal for you! Ghoulia is thinking of throwing a party at the Monster high dorms, and she needs you to help her out. Work together and discover the ancient drink recipe that every zombie loved to consume!

Our beloved ghoul just built a machine to make this process easier. Explore the inside of the circuits, collect the right ingredients, and prepare as many drinks as you can!

How to Play

Your task is quite simple; all you need to do is test your reaction speed and acquire every item you think is necessary for each potion. Sir Hoots A Lot, the sweetest owl in the world, will pick one of the available three balls for you to play with it. They represent the rounds you must complete. To release them, click on the screen or press the Spacebar, and let the game begin!

You are going to notice some green glowing squares, which are called force fields. These will stop your sphere from moving and can let you decide in what direction to re-launch it. To do so, click anywhere on the area and move it around until it falls in the green juice.

Numerous obstacles can either help you or totally ruin your plans. These include moving platforms, that are worth five points when touched, and Skullettes of different sizes.

What is more to know

To achieve a high score in each round, you need to gather as many items as you can. You can only collect them once, although they will regenerate after each stage. The common objects are cherries, lemons, eyeballs, and Ghoulia's glasses, which bring you up to ten points.

There are also a few bonus items with a higher value. For example, the golden fly, that keeps moving around, costs 250 points, while the golden cherries are only one in each game and bring you 500 marks. 

Although the game consists of three rounds, you can still achieve the fourth ball. In the middle of the field, there is a huge generator, making it quite hard to miss. Once you reach it, the ball will automatically be released, scoring you 10 points.

If you take a look at your score, you will notice that it keeps growing over time. This happens as long as you keep the round going, so play for as long as you can! The bonus stops when you're stuck in a force field, though.

Now that you finished the challenge, you can try and even print out Ghoulia's special recipe! Although it's for you to discover on your own, we'll give you a hint: it has lemon, cherries, and it's delicious!