Make the perfect date for Cleo and Deuce in the Fear-A-Mid game! Help her show off the best moves and dance like the popular Egyptian queen she is!

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About Fear-A-Mid Game

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You know when you're on a date, you want to boast about your best qualities and show your good side. Cleo de Nile and Deuce Gorgon are currently on their first date ever, and the girl is quite anxious about it. Play the Fear-A-Mid game to control Cleo on the dance floor and impress the boy she likes!

Your primary task is to make sure she doesn't trip and make a fool of herself. If you want her to have a good time, make sure those moves better be rocking!

How to Play

This isn't going to be your usual funky, disco ring. We're in Egypt! You will have to dance on various ancient structures and turn all the yellow tiles pink. To move Cleo, all you need is your mouse. Click on any square that has an arrow on it, and keep in mind that you can only move diagonally.

The game consists of five levels in this order: Pyramid, Deuce's Rat, Snake, Heart, and Bat. With every stage you pass, the floor will have more intricate patterns to slow you down.

In the beginning, you can choose between three difficulties. Exquisite is the easiest one, and Mortalfying makes the tiles blue first, then pink. The most challenging is the Cleopatrizing, which keeps changing the colors once you step on a square.

To spice things up a little more, you will always have enemies on your tracks. The most innocent ones are the scarabs, though they will still hurt you.

The other ones are represented by the sarcophagi, which are moving faster than the scarabs. These ones are more powerful and can even release a mummy to follow you.

However, the most annoying opponent is by far Hissette, as she always changes the tiles that she passes by.

No matter who manages to hit you, Cleo will lose a life and respawn at the top of the dance floor. 

What else you should know

Whenever you feel in trouble, remember that Deuce is also here to help! If you manage to catch him on time, he can freeze your enemies, which will also give you a bonus of 1000 points. 

There's also a little something that you can do when you have too many monsters coming for you. At the bottom of the ring, there are at least two golden disks. Jump on them to move at the top of the structure and get rid of any dangerous creatures!

If you are one to care for your final score, then you should know that every tile you make pink brings you 100 points. Your marks will slowly decrease until you finish the level, so you might want to act fast! If you manage to accumulate as many as 20000 points, you can even receive an extra life to help you out.

Watch your steps carefully and feel the pumped-up beats! Deuce will be impressed with your moves, you Egyptian queen!