Froggie Dash

Hop aboard in the Froggie Dash game and become a savior! Guide your little green friends into safety out of the dangerous halls as swiftly as you can!

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Save the poor creatures in the Froggie Dash game. Pity them! Because they will be the next topic in the biology class. And you can be sure that it will not be pretty. Lagoona couldn't stand the idea, and she freed them! Now they are jumping all around the school, trying to find a way out. Take your trusty keyboard and show them the way to freedom!

Your job is to guide the frogs through the dangers that stand in between them and the exit. The halls and the classrooms are filled with obstacles. Even worse, the water is packed with flesh-eating fish! Don't get hit by the moving object, and hop over then on the water. You should be safe this way.

Hop on onto your next adventure

Lagoona and the frog are facing a hard challenge right now. They have to find a way to safety, far away from the Mad Science classroom. Unfortunately, the only way to do that is quite dangerous. Frogs are not very smart, left by themselves, they stand no chance. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to guide them one by one.

The final goal is to get to any of the toilets across. The first challenge you will face is the moving objects in the hall. A teeny tiny frog will get crushed in the blink of an eye. Your job is to keep an eye out for them. Make sure they arrive safely to the next step. Now things are actually starting to look dangerous.

The next stage is to hop over the piranha filled water. It's nothing personal between the fish and the frogs. The frogs simply look delicious to piranha! Try to keep your green friends out of danger by hopping onto the floating things, and don't fall over! Make sure to collect the golden frog and fly on your way to freedom. Such treasures are not easy to find.

Accidents do happen, though. Sometimes, the frogs become too excited, and they jump too soon. You should not worry too much about that. In this game, you have got only three chances. That means that three frogs are merely side victims. And that you are not to blame for that! Now good luck to you, frog savior!