Great Scarrier Swim

Dive in deep waters in the Great Scarrier Swim game! Play as Lagoona or Frankie, overcome the awaiting dangers, and collect the treasures on the way!

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About Great Scarrier Swim Game

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If you feel like a fish in the water, then be ready for the Great Scarrier Swim Game. Prove your swimming skills in these dangerous waters, filled with treasures.

Go along with Lagoona and Frankie through the open portal in the pool, into some other worlds! See some incredible creatures under the water, but do not get too close.

Despite that Ghoulfish is not their usual form, the girls have some earnest swimming abilities. But exchanging your legs for a tail won't make you the best, Ariel sure can tell you that. That's why they both need your help here to guide them. Your job is to avoid the dangerous creatures underwater and give a hand to collect the treasures! Are you ready for the next adventure?

Something's fishy down here...

The goal of the game is to pass all the levels while exploring the underwater areas. At the same time, try to snatch as many golden coins as you possibly can. However, just like in life, things are not going to be that easy for you.

To swim around, you must use the arrow keys. Press them accordingly to your wishes. To avoid the hazards awaiting for you, you must move swiftly around. Don't get too close to those funny-looking fish out there. They have sharp spikes all over their bodies, and they will not hesitate to pinch you. Wait until they are far away and only then more forward. 

As you advance through the game, you will also come across some holes which splutter bubbles around. Everybody knows that Ghoulfish hate sea-bubbles, so avoid them at all costs. Sometimes those holes might even spit boiling hot water! Don't let them turn you into fish soup.

What else you should know!

Here and there during the game, you will also find some hidden pockets filled with golden coins. A true treasure! Watch out for them, and don't let a single coin behind. These precious little things will bring you a high score. Oh, and let's not forget about the tiny hearts floating around in bubbles. 

More often than not, you will get hurt in your way out of these mazes underwater. That's why you should really bother to get the tiny hearts whenever you can. They will give you more chances of survival. Better be safe than sorry!

Oh, and by the way, at the end of each sub-level, there is a dance competition! Who says that you must have legs to dance? A fishtail is just as good! Show off with your best moves! Press the arrow key accordingly to the bubble floating towards it. Watch out, you must press it only when they overlap; it will not work any other way.

Explore the bottom of the sea and find your way to the awesome treasures! Don't let the angry fish ruin your fun!