Skulltastic Survival

Live like a Monster High student for a day in the Skulltastic Survival game! Make new friends, pay attention in class, and pass all your tests!

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In the Skulltastic Survival game universe, you just got transferred to the famous Monster High! As a new student, everyone is skeptical of what you can do. So, instead of making a bad first impression, you should be friendly with everyone, and be careful of your grades.

If you manage to keep up with the hectic schedule, then you should consider becoming a full-time student here! All you have to do is listen to everyone's advice for a more comfortable experience.

How to Play

The journey is composed of five different stages, which represent the classes that you need to pass. These aren't your usual subjects, like Maths, Literature, and History. Prepare for some exciting and eerie hours of Mad Science, Dragonomics, Home Ick, Biteology, and Physical Deaducation!

In the Beaker Tweaker course, Lagoona Blue will guide you through everything. Your task is to keep four genetically altered beakers at the right temperature. To do so, use the A button to add heat, and Z to make it colder.

The Chomp Change is hosted by Jackson Jekyll. Here, your job is to collect as many coins as you can: copper, silver, gold, and diamond by clicking on each of them. Money can only be picked if the tails side is up. 

Frankie Stein will be your teacher in the Feed the Foliage game. For a good grade, you must keep the plants well fed and all the hearts full. If they become empty, the subject will die, and you fail your class. Be careful of the food you choose!

Gillington Webber is here to teach you about Piranha Scooper and the beauty of this dangerous creature. You will have to catch a certain amount of red and purple fish before the timer runs out. Are you brave enough?

We're pretty sure you're exhausted by now, but you must have some energy left for Physical Deaducation. This game is hosted by Ghoulia Yelps, and it requires knocking over some zombie students with a maximum of three balls.

What else you should know

If you fail to get good grades more than three times, then you will be put on academic probation, and eventually, lose the game.

Every task is going to be increasingly harder as you advance, so give it all you've got!

From a new student to part of the honor roll, these adventures will show you once again how hard school life can become, but it's all worth it!