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Become a killer puzzle solver with the Ghoul Search game! Can you find the names of the fabulous and frightening students from Monster High?

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You'll love the Ghoul Search game if you are a fan of word games and the Monster High series. Have you ever seen a cooler high school? Now you have the chance to join all the zany and fun characters for a fun game! 

Improve your puzzle-solving skills with one of the smartest students of Monster High! Have you met Ghoulia Yelps? She might not be the fastest ghoul, but she is the brightest. Join her and her pet owl, Sir Hoots A Lot, if you want to become smarter! Are you ready for a fun and exciting problem-solving game? 

The game consists of a fun word game that will get your wheels spinning. Can you discover all the bizarre character names of your favorite spooky students? You'll need to find all of the nine freaky students to finish the game and earn Ghoulia's praise. Are you ready?

Circle all the solutions!

The gameplay is quite fun and straightforward. Firstly, take a glance at the list on the right side of the screen. Pick one of the quirky words and start searching for the first letter in the playing field.

On the left side of the screen, you will notice a square filled with 400 jumbled letters. Can you find the word you are looking for? Remember to look for it from left to right and from top to bottom.  Be as quick as you can!

Congratulations! You have found your first word. Now it's time to circle it and strike it off the list! To do so, click the first letter of the term. Next, drag your cursor towards the last letter of the word. If your solution is correct, you'll see the item get automatically crossed off the list on your right. Isn't that neat?

Have you finally managed to complete this challenge? Keep practicing to get faster and earn a higher score! This is the perfect opportunity to get accustomed to the characters of Monster High while also having fun.