Driver's Dread!

Test your steering skills with the Driver's Dread game! Draculaura is excited to get her license and need some practice. How about you help her out?

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Everyone in their teenage years has always fantasized about having a cool car and driving it whenever they wanted to with their friends. Draculaura has the same dream! She just turned sweet 1600 and is determined to get her license. Play the Driver’s Dread game to take the wheel and help her practice before the exam!

Mr. Hack will carefully observe and judge your performance in the end. Just follow his instructions carefully, and everything will turn out just fine!

How to Play

Your only aim should be to get the car safely into the parking lot. To do so, the only controllers you need are the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys, which will change your direction. The car must sit perfectly in the outlines of the coffin-shaped area, or else the level will not be completed.

There are six different courses that you should pass to finish the game. You can play them in any order you want, as long as you go through each and every one. For every stage you complete, Mr. Hack will evaluate your overall skills with stars and points. The maximum is four stars, but the marks are more important in the end.

The road is littered with numerous obstacles. Some are moving, such as zombie students and tentacle arms. At the same time, some stay still, like traffic cones and borders. At the bottom of the screen, you will notice a bump meter, which is meant to show how damaged your car is. Once you have five hits, you fail the level and have to start again, so we advise you to keep it in the green area.

What else you should know!

When it comes to your score, there are several things that can add up to it. For instance, regular parking gives you 500 points, while doing it in reverse is worth 1000. On the ground, you will notice various pink arrows, which you must follow for 50 marks each.

Extras can be achieved by collecting Count Fabulous’ fizzy dices, having no collisions, and finishing early. Too bad the game doesn’t show how much time you have left of the round.

If you do not feel satisfied with one of the courses or your overall performance, you can always go back and give your best for a better result.

Congratulations on passing the hardest exam in the Monster High universe! It was a tough journey, but definitely worth it. Everyone will be envious of Draculaura’s car and how perfect her license picture turned out!