Clawdeen's Cram Fest

Help Clawdeen study for the upcoming exam in the Cram Fest game! She needs you to pass her friends' notes around the class without getting busted!

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We all know how hard, stressful, and tiring exams can be. Almost everyone begins studying in the last minute, cramming information worth of months of lessons. This is also the case of Clawdeen Wolf, who has to learn for the Scary Aptitude Test. Play the Clawdeen's Cram Fest game to help her out and give her all the notes she needs!

Her friends are all willing to give her a hand in this process, so how about you do, too? Make Clawdeen's school life experience easier and let her study in time for the important evaluation! Don't worry; you'll kill this test.

How to Play

The main objective is to safely pass the sheets to the other side of the classroom, to the young wolf. You only need your mouse for this, so click on a desk next to you to give the notes. Keep in mind that you can't move diagonally. You can only interact with offices of the same color, or if the students have the same kind of backpack on the floor.

Be respectful of others! Try not to disturb the other students who are busy studying. They will not do this for more than 10 seconds at a time, though, which isn't long to wait.

Also, you have to do all these without getting caught by Mr. Verizhe. This is going to be a challenge since his eagle eyes are always watching. Once he spots what you are doing, it's game over. 

You should act when the teacher has his back to the class, or when he goes out for a short break. To know when he's coming back, pay attention to the little clock that pops up on his table. Another thing that you must consider is the timer, which gets shorter and shorter with every round you pass. 

Useful tips and tricks

There are a few skills that you can use to your advantage. Three of your friends have special abilities that will make your journey easier.

Thus, Deuce can petrify the teacher for a few seconds, which will make it safe to move around. Frankie can detach her hand and deliver the notes to a random location. This is very similar to Draculaura's Count Fabulous, which will do the same thing. Sadly, you can use only one skill per level.

When it comes to your score, there are various ways to increase it. For instance, you get extra marks if you finish before time runs out. Once you pass a regular student, you get 50 points, whereas a special friend will bring you 150!

Put your quick thinking to the test! This is not an easy game, but definitely not impossible either. Just keep trying until the notes reach Clawdeen so she can pass her test!