Electrified Photo Booth

Kickstart your editing skills in the Electrified Photo Booth game! Play Znap, make links, and get batteries that will spice up your pictures even more!

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You have to try out the Electrified Photo Booth game if you are sick and tired of the old Instagram and Facebook Filters. In this game, you can give your photos something extra to impress your friends. You could put on some fancy accessories, maybe even a frame and Boom! You are picture-perfect.

You can upload a picture of yourself or choose one with your favorite Monster High characters. Whichever you like, there are endless possibilities of editing that picture. If you would like to have more photos to choose from, you should try to play Znap! This way, you will unlock new things.

Make some shocking edits!

First and foremost, you should choose whether you want to use a Monster Photo or upload one of your own. Whichever you pick, you will be able to edit both just as well. This awesome photo booth allows you to turn, zoom in or out the picture however you want. Once you are satisfied with your result, it is time to move onto the exciting part.

Choose from the lists on the left whatever you think would look the best on your picture. It can be anything from sunglasses and jewelry to little fuzzy friends and stickers.

You can let your imagination run free and do the craziest edit there could possibly be. When you are finished, save the edited photos and share your creative spirit with everyone. 

Znap up your pictures!

If you want to unlock more pictures with the Monster High girls, don't forget to try out the Znap! Game. The goal here is to connect as many fuzzy little creatures as possible with just one drag. There is a minimum amount, though, and that is three. Less than that, and it doesn't count. 

When you make enough links, you will get some unusual colorful batteries. There are not your usual triple A's! If you drag and drop them over the accessories you used on the picture, they will give them a more shocking vibe. To be more specific, they will animate them or even change them into something entirely new!

When you are finished, make sure to print or save the picture. You cand show it off to your friends and family and boast about your totally awesome editing skills. Maybe even edit a new one with all your friends in it. Anyway, you'll surely have a great time playing in this photo booth.