What are the most popular Character Creator Games?

  1. Create your own Web Warrior
  2. Pocket Emo
  3. Pony Creator V3
  4. Monster High: Character Creator
  5. Winx Club: Dress Me Up
  6. The Fabulous Pony Maker
  7. Mii Creator
  8. Pokemon Trainer Creator V2
  9. Drama Girl Maker
  10. Naruto Character Maker

What are the best Character Creator Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Create your own Web Warrior
  2. Pocket Emo
  3. Pony Creator V3
  4. Monster High: Character Creator
  5. Winx Club: Dress Me Up

Play a role in your favorite show!

Don't miss out on the Character Creator games(a.k.a OC Maker games) if you feel the need to let your imagination run wild! Have you ever wanted to design your very own character in your favorite animated series? Now you have the chance to unleash your creativity!

It's always fun to come up with cool and unexpected designs! Besides, you can experiment with well-known heroes and change up their looks. How will you bring something new to your favorite protagonists?

Often, we wish that we could add something new to beloved animated franchises. For instance, imagining exciting adventures that involve a novel character can be very fun if you are a fan. What about introducing a new friend and a member of the team? That would be so cool!

You can also add another love interest for your favorite character, an evil twin, or a never seen before villain... All of them are good ideas as well! Don't be afraid to experiment!

On the other hand, you can also get inspired by your look! Namely, you can use your imagination and become one of the characters of your favorite show. That's such a cool idea! Have you ever wanted to see what you would look like as a ninja, turtle, pony, or any other creature? Stop hesitating and start exploring this OC Maker games collection! It's full of surprises!

Almost everything is customizable!

Are you ready to get started? To begin with, you should try some of the classic OC games that make this category so fun. What makes them so great is that they offer so many choices. Namely, you can change almost every feature of your character. From the face to the clothing and even the pose, everything is up to you! Isn't that awesome?

Creating an animal version of yourself is always a fun feat! Besides, when it comes to famous cartoons, the creatures can have many special features! Not only can you change the color of the fur and eyes, but you can also add a bunch of new elements. They will surely make your creation unique!

Therefore, don't be afraid to add quirky accessories and even pick out a dynamic pose for your character! For instance, the Pony Creator game is one of the most exciting OC Maker games in this category. It offers so much freedom! Are you ready to design a new resident of Ponyville?

There's even more fun in store for you! Another cool exercise for your imagination is to invent brand new adventures. For example, you and your friends can join forces and think of exciting new storylines. Naturally, they will star characters of your creation! Aren't you excited to come up with some new adventures?

Playing make-believe has always been fun, but now it's going to be a blast! Give the Monster High Character Creator game a try to create your student in a quirky school! Can you invent a fun scenario for them?

Who says Character Creator games are for girls?

Some people might believe that this category only features girly games. That's wrong! Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of fun activities for boys as well. Creating a funny version of yourself is amusing, no matter your gender or age! Don't be shy!

Sometimes, all you need is to create a silly character having over-the-top hair and endearing features. Be warned! You will giggle if you try the Trollify Yourself game! Are you going to be a Rock Troll, a Pop Troll, or another kind of adorable creature?

Are you ready for a new kind of adventure with your favorite team of heroes? Often, you can get attached to a well-known squad. Have you ever wanted to add a new member? It's an opportunity to create neat new stories featuring your favorite heroes. How creative!

Therefore, you can even create a character that looks just like you and becomes a team member yourself. That would be very cool! Play the All Ducked Out game for a chance of becoming a character in DuckTales!

You'll have plenty of fun with the Character Creator games! There are so many fun series and cool designs to try. Therefore, whenever you are bored, you should explore and find something new to create. You and your friends will have a lot of fun designing new characters and inventing cool stories!

There are currently 75 free online Character Creator games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones. Here you can see the games 1 - 30.