Sue's Beauty Machine

Enter Sue's Beauty Machine game, where your imagination runs the show! Pull the magic lever and create unique characters with a whirl of style and fun.

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About Sue's Beauty Machine Game

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Get ready to explore Sue's magical world of fashion and fun! In Sue's Beauty Machine game, a brilliant invention awaits you. Sue has built a magical machine that creates beauty and style to match every taste. This exciting game is all about making the perfect look by pulling a special magic lever.

Your job in this game is to create a unique character with the help of Sue's magical machine. You will go through different screens to pick each part of the character, and with a simple pull of the magic lever, you'll create something amazing!

How to Play

All you need is your mouse to handle the beauty machine. The game will lead you through different screens, each one for a specific part of the body, like face, eyes, nose, mouth, hairstyle, outfit, hands, legs, and shoes.

In the first screen, you'll need to choose a face shape. There are 5 different options, and a pointer moves quickly from left to right. It's your job to click the lever on the right at just the right time to stop the pointer on the face shape you want. Be careful! The pointer moves very quickly, so you'll need to be fast.

Next, you'll do the same thing for the eyes, then the nose, then the mouth, and so on. Each body part has 5 different options, so you have lots of choices to make your character look just the way you want.

Once you've gone through all the screens and picked all the body parts, you get to see the character you've created! The judges will even give you a score based on how well the parts go together.

If you want to do really well, try to match the body parts, so they look nice together. It might take some practice, but don't worry, it's all part of the fun!

Whether mixing and matching to make something funny or working hard to get a high score from the judges, this game promises endless fun and creativity. So come and join Sue, pull the magic lever, and see what happens!