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Create your own Sue dolls in the Sue Doll Maker game! 🎨👗 Match styles and colors to assemble the perfect doll and test your fashion skills!

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About Sue Doll Maker Game

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Welcome to the Sue Doll Maker, where creativity and coordination come together! In this game, you get to play the role of a doll maker, assembling unique Sue dolls. You'll start with a doll silhouette and various colorful and stylish body parts to complete each doll.

Your mission is to match the right parts to create beautiful Sue dolls. You'll choose from different styles of bottoms, shoes, and hairstyles, ensuring each piece complements the top part of the doll. It's all about matching colors and styles to create perfect ensembles. Get ready to use your keen eye for fashion and detail!

How to Play

You'll use your mouse to select and drag the right body parts onto the doll. There are sliding buttons below each piece, allowing you to choose the style and color of the bottoms, shoes, and hair that best match the doll's top.

The game challenges you to coordinate the style and color of the doll's bottoms with its top part. Similarly, you must choose the right shoes and hair. The trick is to pay attention to the color and style - getting a perfect match earns you more points. You aim to assemble 10 dolls within a given time, scoring points for each accurate match.

Earning points depends on how well you match the parts. You get 20 points for matching the color or style and 50 points for matching both. For the hair, if the front and back colors match, you earn 20 points. You must score at least 20 points in bottoms, shoes, and hair to pass the inspection. Be careful, though, three mistakes, and it's game over!

What else you should know

Remember, coordination is key! Look closely at the top part of the doll and think about what style and color would complement it best. You can also check the instructions to see all the matching items. Be quick but careful – the clock is ticking!

With each doll you assemble right, you're proving your keen eye and attention to detail. So dive in and see how many dolls you can perfectly match! It's time to bring these Sue dolls to life!