Sue's Bakery

🍪 Jump into the sweet world of Sue's Bakery game! Ready to help Sue match yummy cookies and bakery treats to keep her dream shop running smoothly?

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Welcome to Sue's Bakery game, the yummiest cookie shop in town! Sue worked really hard to open her shop, and now it's full of delicious cookies and bakery treats. But wait, so many orders are coming in that Sue can't do it all alone. She needs your help!

You get to be Sue's special helper! Your job is to match the cookies and bakery items with the orders rolling in. You've got to be quick and careful to keep the bakery running smoothly!

How to Play

Playing Sue's Bakery is as easy as clicking your mouse! That's right, all you need to do is click to match the right bakery treats with the orders you see.

At the start, you'll see orders for cookies and other yummies coming in on a roller. Each order will show you what cookie or bakery item you need to find. Click on the block that has the matching treat to complete the order. But be quick, the roller won't stop!

In the beginning, you only have a few different types of cookies to match. But as you get better, there will be more types of cookies, and they will move faster on the roller! This means you'll need to be super speedy and have eagle eyes to keep up.

Be careful! You have three life points(the pink hearts on the left side). If you click the wrong treat or miss a click, you lose one heart. Lose all three hearts, and the game is over. Oh no!

What else you should know

Here's some good news! Sometimes, you'll see a treat highlighted in pink on the roller. You'll get an extra life point if you click its match super quickly. Yay!

Remember, speed is key, but don't rush too much! Take a quick moment to look at the order and then find the matching treat.

Now, you should be ready for this cookie-matching adventure! You'll have lots of fun helping Sue keep her bakery running and making customers happy. So what are you waiting for? Put on your baker's hat, and let's start matching those yummy treats!