Sue Dating Machine

💘 Join the fun in the Sue Dating Machine game! Play Cupid, build pipelines, create matches, connect hearts, and spread love in this engaging challenge!

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About Sue Dating Machine Game

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Welcome to Sue Dating Machine, a unique and fun-filled game where love is in the air! The game's goal is simple but exciting: to connect as many boys and girls as possible using a magical pipeline. Are you ready for some fun?

In this delightful game, your job is to build a pipeline connecting the girls on the left side of the screen to the boys on the right. To make a match, you need to find a boy and a girl with lighted hearts. With every successful match, you are one step closer to finishing the level!

How to Play

Playing Sue Dating Machine is all about rotating tiles to build a pipeline. Each tile you see in the middle of the screen is a piece of pipe that can be turned by clicking on it with your mouse. The fun part is that each piece can rotate in different ways to change its shape and connect with the other tiles!

Each girl on the left and boy on the right has two hearts. To clear a level, you need to connect a girl and a boy whose hearts are lit up. Remember, you need to match a specific number of couples to complete each level.

But be careful! Sometimes, Cupid Sue might appear and change the shape of the pipeline you're working on. This can make the game a little tricky, but that's all part of the fun! With a little bit of patience and clever thinking, you can clear all the levels.

Here's a little tip for you: try to visualize the pathway you want to create before you start rotating the tiles. This will make it easier for you to connect the right boy and girl!

So are you ready to play Cupid and spread the love by connecting hearts ?! With its fun and playful challenges, this game lets you test your problem-solving skills in the most delightful way. So come join us, and see how many levels you can clear in this game of love and logic!