Bin's Hair Salon

Create cool hairstyles in Bin's Hair Salon game! 💇 Choose, cut, dye, and color to give Bin the best makeover. Ready for a fun hairdo adventure?

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About Bin's Hair Salon Game

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Welcome to Bin's Hair Salon game, where hairstyles come to life! Bin, Sue's boyfriend, has had a tough time with exams, and now his hair is all over the place. This salon is buzzing with scissors, hair dyes, and lots of fun. Imagine a place where every snip and color brings a new style to life.

Your mission? Give Bin the coolest hairstyle makeover ever! You get to choose, cut, color, and style his hair just like a real hairdresser. Let's turn Bin's messy hair into a super cool hairdo that he'll love!

How to Play

Playing is as simple as a few clicks! First, pick a hairstyle from the book. Then, use your mouse to cut, dye, and style Bin's hair. It's like being in a real salon, but it's even more fun because you can try all sorts of creative styles!

Start by cutting Bin's hair with scissors. Then, move on to dyeing and adding curlers if the style needs it. Each step needs to be completed before moving to the next. But watch out! If you go back a step, you'll need to redo it.

Need a little reminder of the chosen style? Click on the pink heart for a quick hint, but remember, you can only use it once. After the hair is done, you can even pick out clothes for Bin to complete his new look.

Remembering the hairstyle you chose at the start is key. Keep that image in your mind as you cut and color. And don't rush! Taking your time to match the style perfectly will make Bin's makeover a success.

In Bin's Hair Salon, you're the stylist making hair magic happen. Ready to snip, color, and style your way to a fabulous new hairdo for Bin? Let's grab those scissors and get started!