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Customize and serve delicious dishes on the go in the Sue Delivery Meals game! Add the right ingredients to each order and keep the customers happy!

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About Sue Delivery Meals Game

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Sue has embarked on a new kitchen adventure, setting up her very own Chinese restaurant in the Sue Delivery Meals game. With plates spinning and orders rolling in, the restaurant is always buzzing with excitement. But here's the catch: Sue is swamped and needs your assistance to get those yummy dishes out to her hungry customers.

Your goal? Serve up each dish to perfection. Customize them, add the right flavors, and make sure they're delivered on time. But remember, every dish has its unique taste, so make sure you pay attention to what each customer desires!

How to Play

All you'll need is your trusty mouse and the spacebar. The mouse will help you select and pour, while the spacebar will let you switch between the different tasty sauces.

As orders slide down the conveyor belt, stay sharp! You'll need to sprinkle the right sauce or broth over each dish. With 4 delightful sauces to choose from, toggling between them is a breeze with the spacebar. Pouring is as simple as clicking with your ladle. Now, not to forget the broth. You'll find it right at the bottom, waiting to be used whenever needed.

Each dish also comes with a special request: a side of pickled radish or a dash of soy sauce in a small bowl. Wondering how to figure out which dish needs what? Click on the left paper lantern on the Main Menu to see all the required sauces and extras for every dish.

What else you should know

While preparing the dishes, keep an eye on the ticking clock! That Time bar at the bottom isn't just for show. Speed and accuracy are key. You'll need to whip up 30 impeccable orders before time slips away.

To stay ahead of the game, you'll have to memorize the sauce requirements for popular dishes. This little trick will save you those precious seconds, ensuring you always stay on top of your orders.

Now that you know everything, are you ready to start delivering orders? With each dish you craft, you'll feel the satisfaction of happy customers and the joy of a job well done. Put on your chef's hat, roll up those sleeves, and get ready to serve up some delectable dishes!