Sue Sneaky Snack

Join the fun in the Sue Sneaky Snack game! Help Sue enjoy tasty treats without getting caught! Master stealth and timing to munch snacks during class.

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Welcome to Sue Sneaky Snack, an exciting game full of tasty treats and classroom fun! It looks like Sue has a great appetite for snacks, even during class time. She wants to enjoy her delicious snacks without the teacher noticing, and she needs your help to do just that! Would you lend her a hand?

Your role is to guide Sue and help her move around to grab snacks when the teacher isn't looking. Your goal? Finish all the snacks before the class ends! But remember, the teacher can't see Sue munching or moving around - getting caught means game over!

How to Play

The controls for this game are quite simple. Here's all you should know:

- Up arrow key: Raise Sue's head.

- Down arrow key: Make Sue lie down.

- Left/Right arrow keys: Move left/right.

- Mouse: Sneak a bite of snack.

Firstly, watch the teacher closely. When she is busy reading her book, it's the perfect time for Sue to move! Use the arrow keys to move Sue out of the teacher's sight. Sue can sneak in some snack time by clicking on her treats when the teacher isn't looking. But be careful! Sue can only eat a little bit at a time. If the teacher sees a cookie in Sue's mouth, she will get caught.

Remember to be alert! If the teacher looks back, Sue needs to quickly raise her head and stay still. You can't move at all when the teacher is looking, and if Sue breaks this rule three times, the game is over.

Keep an eye on the teacher and move only when you're sure she won't see Sue. Time your movements and bites carefully, and always be ready to act fast if the teacher looks back. Don't get too greedy with the snacks - eating a little at a time will help Sue avoid getting caught.

Sue Sneaky Snack is a fun and thrilling game that tests your timing, strategy, and quick reflexes. Can you help Sue finish all her snacks before class ends? Let's find out!