Sue's Witch Magic Makeover

🧙 Dive into Sue's Witch Magic Makeover game, where potions and spells create endless fun! Mix ingredients to create Sue-like whimsical transformations!

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About Sue's Witch Magic Makeover Game

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Get ready to enter a magical world filled with color and fun in Sue's Witch Magic Makeover game! You are invited to a world where potions and spells create fantastic transformations. This enchanting game, first created in Korean, is filled with laughter and excitement as you play the role of a magical helper.

In this whimsical game, a witch wants to be as pretty as Sue. She's asked you to help her make the magic potion that will transform her! You have the power to decide what the witch will look like in the end. With so many options to choose from, every game you play will tell a unique story!

How to Play

To begin with, pay attention to the many potion pots lined up on shelves. These potions, each one unique, will help you in your magical makeover mission! To start, pick the potion you want to use and drag it into the bubbling pot. You'll need to use a potion from each category to see the final result.

The first column on the left has three shelves. The top one holds potions for eye color, the middle one for skin tone, and the bottom left one for age and gender. You have a wide range of options here. For example, the purple potion makes your eyes shine, and the tall pink and green potion can turn the witch into an adult!

The middle column has two shelves. The one in the middle is for character potions, and the bottom one is for cosmetics. The tall pink potion here can turn the witch into Sue. The cosmetics potions, such as the strawberries, can give the witch a beautiful dress to wear!

The last column on the right also has two shelves. The middle one is for body type, and the bottom one is for face shape. A curvy bottle can give the witch a normal body, while the bunny potion can make her face pretty.

There's more you should know!

It's good to remember that some potions work best together. For example, you can combine pink and peach potions for fair skin. And if you want to make the witch look like Sue, don't forget to use the tall pink potion from the character shelf!

When you're done mixing your potions, click the bag full of magic powder to finish. Then, get ready for the big reveal to see what kind of transformation your magical mix has created!

With endless potion combinations to try, every play can bring a whole new adventure. So put on your wizard hat, and let your imagination lead the way in this magical world of potions and spells!