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Learn to craft dazzling gems into jewelry in the Sue Jewelry Designer game! ✨ Help Sue create stunning pieces and bring sparkle to the workshop.

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About Sue Jewelry Designer Game

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In the Sue Jewelry Designer game, you're invited to a workshop shimmering with all kinds of gems, ready to be crafted into stunning jewelry. Sue needs a helping hand to create the most beautiful accessories that every girl dreams of.

Your mission is to become a master jewelry maker alongside Sue. You'll select shiny beads and precious stones to create dazzling earrings and necklaces. It's a chance to let your creativity shine and make some beautiful bling!

How to Play

With a simple click, you can pick up different jewels and place them onto the pieces of jewelry that glide along the conveyor belt. Watch closely for the right spots to add your gems and make the jewelry sparkle! With the press of the spacebar, you can even speed things up, making you a faster jeweler!

As the jewelry pieces come your way, it's up to you to add the right jewel in the exact spot to complete the design. Following the jeweler's book instructions, you'll learn how many jewels each piece needs and where they go.

The jeweler's book gives you a sneak peek at the design, guiding you on where each gem should go. But remember, you can only use it three times, so choose wisely!

What else you should know

Remember, precision is key, and Sue's money comes from making flawless earrings. Place a gem wrong, and you might need to start over.

Keep your eyes on the designs, and try memorizing them for a smooth jewel-adding spree. The less you rely on the book, the more you can craft and the more Sue money you'll earn. Speed is a friend, but accuracy is your best pal here. Take a moment to get the pattern right, then go for the gem-placing glory!

Ready to put your memory and speed to the test? Start crafting those exquisite pieces and watch your collection of handmade jewelry grow. Let's see what beautiful creations you can add to Sue's collection!