Sue's Sandwich Shop

Help Sue create yummy sandwiches in Sue's Sandwich Shop game! 🥪 Can you match ingredients fast, in the right order, and keep customers happy?

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About Sue's Sandwich Shop Game

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Sue has a new adventure, and it's all about making tasty sandwiches! In Sue's Sandwich Shop game, she needs a helping hand to create delicious sandwiches for her customers. It's a world filled with fresh ingredients and happy faces, where every sandwich is a masterpiece waiting to happen.

Your mission is to help Sue create delicious sandwiches for her customers. Each customer has their own favorite recipe, and it's up to you to make sure they leave the shop smiling and satisfied. Get ready to be quick and attentive – it's all about making the perfect sandwich!

How to Play

Look at the top of your screen to see what goes into each sandwich. You'll see spinning wheels with ingredients – just like a game at a fair! Your task is to stop these wheels at the right moment to pick the correct ingredients for each sandwich.

Each sandwich you make has its own special recipe. At first, you'll juggle three ingredients, but as you become a sandwich expert, you'll handle up to five! Lettuce, tomato, fried egg, cheese, and more – each sandwich is a yummy puzzle.

The spinning wheels with ingredients can be tricky. They move faster and even change direction! As you level up, these wheels spin faster and change direction, making it a thrilling race against time. Plus, the order of ingredients might mix up, so stay sharp!

What else you should know

Watch out for the life bar at the bottom of the screen. If you make a mistake or take too long, the bar goes down. Lose it all, and you lose a life. Two lives gone, and it's game over. 

Get ready to become the best sandwich helper Sue has ever seen! Each sandwich you make brings smiles to customers and keeps the shop bustling. Can you keep up with the orders and become the star of Sue's Sandwich Shop? Let's find out - put on your apron and start the sandwich fun!