Sue's Chocolate Candy Maker

Jump into Sue's Chocolate Candy Maker game and create deliciously colorful candies! Can you handle Sue's magical machine and make her orders on time?

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About Sue's Chocolate Candy Maker Game

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Welcome to the sweet and magical world of Sue's Chocolate Candy Maker game! This is where you'll play with a whirlwind of colors, shapes, and mouth-watering candies. Can you imagine having a machine that can create the most delicious candies you've ever tasted? That's what you'll find here, a machine to make all sorts of yummy treats!

In this game, you'll step into Sue's shoes, becoming a master candy maker. It's your job to make sure that Sue creates all the candies ordered by her customers. You'll be using a fancy candy machine to make all sorts of candies that come in different shapes, colors, and with different fillings. Are you ready to make some sweet magic happen?

How to Play

To begin with, you'll use your mouse to control everything in Sue's candy machine. That's right, one click, and you can create a world of candies! Now, let's start with the basics.

You'll see a board at the top of your screen that shows which candies Sue's customers have ordered. Pay close attention to it! Each candy has a special shape, color, and stamp. Some candies might be pink with a strawberry filling and a cute kitten stamp. Others might be brown, filled with chocolate, and stamped with an adorable baby face. There are also candy biscuit sticks and peanuts covered in chocolate!

For each type of candy, you'll need to press different buttons and pull various levers on the candy machine. For example, there's a lever to release the candy filling, another one for peanuts, and color buttons for coloring the peanuts. There's even a milk lever for adding milk to the biscuit sticks!

By far, the trickiest part is to put the right stamp on each candy. The stampers are continuously moving up and down, and you'll need to time it just right to get the stamp you need. For example, when the kitten stamp is up, the baby stamp is down, and so on. Watch them carefully and release the candy at just the right moment!

Learn to prepare each candy!

You'll follow specific steps to prepare each candy. For instance, to make chocolate candy with a baby face stamp, you'll squeeze out the chocolate filling with a click on the seal pump. Then, release the candy at the right time to get the baby's face stamp.

For a strawberry candy with a kitten stamp, you'll add strawberry filling first, then follow the same steps as the chocolate candy, but time it with the kitten stamp.

Making chocolate-covered peanuts is a bit different. You'll release a peanut into the central bowl, press a color button to coat the peanut, then release it onto the rolling belt. But don't let the peanut stay in the bowl too long, or it will break!

To make candy coating sticks, whether chocolate or white, you'll press a lever to dip a stick into the coating. For white sticks, you'll need to add milk first. Then, hit the heart-shaped button to release the stick onto the belt.

What else you should know

The rolling belt will transport all the candies you've made to a target zone. If the candy matches the orders, it will be accepted. If not, a hammer will smash it!

Remember to keep an eye on the timer - you only have 100 seconds to make all the candies on the board. Timing and quick thinking are your best friends in this game!

Now that you know everything, get your mouse ready and let your imagination soar as you create delightful, colorful candies. Can you make all the candies in time and help Sue keep her customers happy? Only time will tell! Let the sweet adventure begin!