Sue's Sushi Restaurant

Let's create delicious sushi for Sue's friends in Sue's Sushi Restaurant game! 🍣 Learn the ingredients for each recipe and match them to colored plates!

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About Sue's Sushi Restaurant Game

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Sue's Sushi Restaurant game is about delicious sushi and happy friends! Sue has opened her own sushi spot, and her friends Cho-hee, Simi, and Lia are eager to try her tasty creations. Imagine a colorful kitchen filled with fresh ingredients like fish, rice, and seaweed, all ready to be turned into yummy sushi.

Your mission is to be the best sushi chef for Sue and her friends. You'll mix and match ingredients to make different types of sushi. Remember, each friend has their own favorite, so you need to make sure you're making a variety of sushi to keep everyone smiling!

How to Play

Use your mouse to drag and drop the ingredients onto a tray to make the sushi rolls. Then, match your sushi to the right-colored plate on the conveyor belt. It's like a fun puzzle, matching everything just right.

At the start of each level, you'll see the recipes for the sushi you need to make. You'll need to put two pieces of each sushi recipe on its corresponding colored plate. Put the wrong sushi on a plate, and you'll see a big X – that's a no-no!

For example, if you make sushi with rice, wasabi, and salmon, you'll place it on the orange plate. It's like a puzzle, matching the sushi with the right colored plates!

Each sushi recipe has pretty much the same steps. Start with rice, add some wasabi, top it with fish, and sometimes wrap it in nori.

What else you should know

Try to be quick! The plates move on a conveyor belt, and Sue's friends are waiting to eat. If you take too long, they might get upset and leave. Each new level brings new recipes, making the game more challenging. Can you keep up and make all the sushi in time?

If you mess up a recipe or pick the wrong ingredient, just toss it in the bin and start again.

A good trick is to remember the sushi recipes and their matching plates. Think of it like a memory game, where you match cards. The better you remember, the faster you can make sushi!

In this sushi-making adventure, each day is a new chance to mix, match, and make friends happy. Get ready to chop, roll, and serve! Can you keep up with the sushi orders and make Sue's restaurant the best in town? Let's find out!