What are the most popular Management Games?

  1. Papa's Cheeseria
  2. Papa's Scooperia
  3. Papa's Bakeria
  4. Papa's Sushiria
  5. Papa's Freezeria
  6. Papa's Donuteria
  7. Papa's Pastaria
  8. Papa's Wingeria
  9. Papa's Pancakeria
  10. Papa's Cupcakeria

What are the best Management Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Papa's Cheeseria
  2. Papa's Scooperia
  3. Papa's Bakeria
  4. Papa's Sushiria
  5. Papa's Freezeria

Do you have a talent for business?

You must play Management Games if you dream of becoming a famous tycoon with a booming business! Surely, everybody wants to earn a lot of money and be the boss of their very own business. However, it takes a lot of hard work, intelligence, and adaptability to succeed. What better way to practice these abilities than with some fun games? Explore this category and improve your business skills!

Are you good at time-management? The ability to do multiple things at once is vital in these types of games. After all, it's impossible to have just one client at a time! Can you juggle all the tasks, making sure that every product you put out is perfect?

It can be extremely tough at first. Some customers may leave feeling disappointed! Luckily, you can improve your multitasking abilities with a lot of practice. It's a good thing that these games are so addictive and fun to play!

Another key feature of a good entrepreneur is the ability to think fast! Everybody knows that the world of business can be extremely volatile. Therefore, you should always expect the unexpected! For instance, you will find that most games in this category allow you to plan ahead, as well as make split-decisions. Can you manage? Try to keep a cool head!

By far, the best thing about these games is the fact that they give you the freedom to experiment! Usually, starting your own business is risky and costly. However, now you have the opportunity to try your ideas without any consequences. Are you ready to let out your wildest business ideas? Worst case scenario, all you need to do is restart the game!

Prepare delicious treats for your customers!

What comes to mind first when you hear Management Games? Chances are you are thinking about a bustling restaurant or ice-cream parlor. Most games from this genre focus on such enterprises for a good reason. In essence, they are easy to understand and quite fun to manage. Are you ready to step inside a fascinating world of delicious ingredients, labor-saving kitchen tools, and picky customers? Be warned: all these games might make you very hungry!

Preparation is incredibly important! Believe it or not, you are in charge of the product from start to finish. In most cases, you start by ordering the necessary ingredients. How much will you sell today? Soon you will find that buying too much can be just as bad as running out of something. 

Besides, you can even change the recipe to suit your customers. Isn't that cool? Get some practice and understand the importance of prep work with the Coffee Shop game!

Throw on your apron and start cooking! The most exciting part about these games is the rush to finish as many delicious dishes as possible in the given time. As is the case with real-life businesses, customers can be inpatient and picky. It's up to you to please them!

Succeed by performing each step with a steady hand and good organization. Play Papa's Pizzeria game to see how loyal customers are the key to big profits!

There are so many Management Games to try!

Are you getting tired of food-based businesses? You're in luck, because this category is quite varied, and there is something for everybody. No matter what your dream is, you have the chance to gain some invaluable skills. Besides, the games are so fun to play! Who knows, maybe you will discover a new interest? 

Do you want to try something new? Unlike real life, you don't need any special talents to ace these games! Whether you are crafty or not, this category allows you to try many hobbies and jobs. Some of them are more unusual than you might think! For instance, you can experiment with some long-forgotten crafts, such as blacksmithing, and become part of an epic adventure. By far, the most interesting example is the Jacksmith game. Let's craft cool weapons in a fantasy realm!

Go big or go home! Some games are harder than others. If managing a small shop or a family-restaurant seems boring, you can try something more complex. From a chain of stores to a fun park or even a shopping center, there are many options for you! Try your hand at more complicated management tasks with games such as Barbie: Fashion Frenzy game! Can you run a mall?

Explore the world of Management Games if you are looking to improve your business skills while having a lot of fun! The gameplay is so engaging and fun you will be glued to the screen for hours. What is more, meeting the in-game goals will give you a huge sense of satisfaction. Are you ready to become the best entrepreneur?

There are currently 76 free online Management games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones. Here you can see the games 1 - 30.