What are the most popular Care Bears Games?

  1. Care Bears Dress Up
  2. Care Bears Click & Color
  3. Follow Funshine
  4. Cheer Bear's Sweet Ride
  5. Summer Daze Maze
  6. Belly Ball
  7. Care Bears Puzzle Party
  8. Wingnut's Metal Mix-up
  9. Oopsy's Bubble Bumpers
  10. Wonder Cloud

What are the best Care Bears Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Care Bears Dress Up
  2. Care Bears Click & Color
  3. Follow Funshine
  4. Belly Ball
  5. Care Bears Puzzle Party

No one can be sad in the world of Care Bears Games!

Try the Care Bears Games if you're having a rough day, and you'll surely feel better in just a few moments! Who hasn't had a day when everything went wrong? Maybe your teacher yelled at you, you had a fight with your brother, or the weather ruined your plans.

Luckily, there is a place you can go when you feel like the whole world is out to get you. Visit the Care Bears in their realm among the clouds, in the Kingdom of Caring!

Once you enter the world of Care-a-Lot, the worries of the world will fade away, thanks to your colorful rainbow pals. From their first appearance in the public eye, the Care Bears have charmed kids and adults alike.

Can you believe they started as characters on a card back in 1981? The public liked the colorful bears so much that they wanted to see more! Almost 40 years later, the Care Bears have their own games, merchandise, songs, and shows. Enjoy their joyful presence!

What sets these characters apart is that they represent the bright side of the world. Each of the bears is colorful and bright and represents a different emotion or quality. You can tell by the adorable drawings on their bellies! Enjoy each of their unique personalities to brighten up your daily life!

Meet many colorful friends!

Let's start meeting some of the bear pals! Over the years, the team of Care Bears has become huge. However, you have time to meet some of the most important members! As you play the games in this category, you'll meet more adorable additions to the Care Bear family.

We'll start with Cheer Bear! The pink bear is just as joyful and upbeat as you'd expect. The rainbow is her symbol for a good reason, as she brings happiness to everybody's life. Help her teach her pals some fun cheers in the Cheers For All game!

Funshine Bear is another upbeat pal that you need by your side! They are outgoing, athletic, and very energetic. Therefore, look for Funshine if you're looking for adventure!

Not all Care Bears are a ray of sunshine! Grumpy Bear, the blue one with a crabby attitude, will prove that everybody can have an attitude every now and then. Your friends will be by your side to help you no matter what! 

Harmony Bear brings all the bears together, as the name suggests. Besides, she's also a talented musician who loves to sing with her friends. The bright purple pal will help you feel relaxed and in tune with yourself!

Share Bear is one of the most wholesome characters you'll ever meet! She is the embodiment of the quote Sharing is caring! Spending time with her by playing games like the Sharing Cupcakes game will make you a much better friend!

Lastly, meet Wonderheart! As she's the group's baby, her cuteness will win you over from the first moments. Besides, she always jumps in to help her pals! Therefore, you'll see her giving other Care Bears a hand in many games.

Adventure, learn, and have fun with the bears!

While in the land of Care-a-Lot, you'll come across many opportunities to have unexpected adventures! As you can imagine, a world among the clouds hides many challenges and incredible locations.

You have the chance to explore with the Care Bears and engage in many thrilling activities. For example, you can gather your courage and head down a breathtaking slide in the Rainbow Slide game!

Besides all the whimsical activities, the Care Bears love to practice their favorite hobbies. What is more, there's nothing they love more than sharing their passion with their pals.

If you're nice to them, you'll also receive an invitation! You can learn new things in a positive and magical environment in their company. Try all the games to find out what each Care Bears can teach you!

As you've noticed, black clouds seldom disturb the perfect Kingdom of Caring. Therefore, this is the ideal place to relax, have fun, and improve your abilities.

What is more, the inhabitants of this land among the clouds will welcome you with open arms, no matter who you are and where you come from. Their warm and colorful embraces will make you feel like you're part of the family!

In the world of Care Bears Games, you'll never feel lonely or ignored. Join in on the activities, and you'll feel a warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside!

There are currently 24 free online Care Bears games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones.