Hangin' with Funshine

Travel among the clouds with your favorite yellow Care Bear in the Hangin' with Funshine game! Can you help her pick up golden stars flying on a glider?

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About Hangin' with Funshine Game

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Glide in the sky and collect star buddies with the Hangin' with Funshine game! The happy-go-lucky Care Bear loves to fly among the clouds to collect treasures. What can be more relaxing than floating around high above the ground? However, this activity isn't as easy as it seems! You'll have to prove your precision and speed to make the Care Bears proud!

Can you complete all five levels? Every stage of the game will introduce you to a new environment. Therefore, you'll experience a sunrise, a sunset, and a moonlit flight. How beautiful!

How to Play

Luckily, you don't need to be a professional pilot to fly with Funshine. The glider will move forward automatically, thanks to the wind. Your job is to adjust the height of the flight by pushing the Up arrow.

If you don't press anything, Funshine will dive into the ground. Use this mechanism to control the flight and collect as many star buddies as possible!

Speaking of star buddies, they're your main focus in this challenge. Try your best to collect them and reach the goal set at the beginning of each level!

What else you should know

Can you pass through the starry loops? If so, you'll get extra gold stars and fill up your booster bar at the top of the screen. When you fill it up, you'll get a speed increase that will propel you forward for a limited distance. It looks cool and gives you a ton of stars!

While you're up in the sky, you'll also come across some obstacles. Stay away from rainy clouds at all costs! They'll slow you down, decrease your score, and make you lose precious stars. Yikes!

You'll have so much fun flying with Funshine! At the end of each stage, you'll find out if you were fast and precise. Try to improve with each run to enjoy each run even more! Each star buddy and trick will take you closer to the title of glider pilot!