Cheers For All

Practice your memory while enjoying whimsical tunes with the Cheers For All game! Can you help Cheer Bear teach his seven buddies all the joyful cheers?

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Test your memory and musical ability with the Cheers For All game! If you're a fan of the Care Bears, you must know about Cheer Bear, one of the most talented cheerleaders in the world. As you can imagine, she's excited to share her skills with her pals. Did you know that each plays a different instrument?

Harmony plays the tambourine, Grumpy Bear launches fireworks, Tenderheart bear masters the trumpet, and Baby Hugs has a little bell. And let's not forget Share Bear, who plays the drum, and Funshine with the cymbals. Naturally, Cheer Bear yields a rainbow wand. Join in on their musical fun!

The game consists of 30 little tunes. Can you coordinate the seven bears to play them perfectly? Listen to Cheer Bear as she shows you the song, then help her pals reproduce it. Prove your memory and musical ear are up to par!

How to Play

The secret to this game is not to rush in. To begin with, listen to the cheer carefully. One, two, or more bears will take a turn playing a few notes. After they finish, it's your turn! Click on the bears in turn to play the cheer you heard previously. If you choose right, all the bears will be happy!

Have you noticed the rainbow above the Care Bears? It's so helpful! When one of the bears plays a note, their symbol will appear on the rainbow. Use this visual cue, as well as the sounds, to remember the sequence better!

As you progress through the game, each cheer will get more complex. Remembering one or two notes is easy, but what about seven? Luckily, you have the hint button in the upper right corner to help you when you're stuck.

What else you should know

The Care Bears are very patient. As a result, they'll wait for you to remember the note if you make a mistake and let you get as many tries as necessary. How nice of them!

Can you make it through all 30 cheers? If so, you are a true hero and a friend of the Cheer Bear. Besides, your memory and musical ear will develop the more you play. As a bonus, you'll also learn to recognize musical instruments.

Join in on this educational and fun Care Bear adventure!