Summer Daze Maze

Play Summer Daze Maze to help Cheer, Funshine, Oopsy, Grumpy, and Share Bear get their badges back! Complete the mazes and find where Grizzle hid them!

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Grizzle has taken and hidden the Care Bears belly badges in the Summer Daze Maze game! Can you help your fluffy friends get them back? If so, let's get into it! Cheer, Funshine, Oopsy, Grumpy, and Share Bear are all waiting for you.

Listen up, friends! Your role is to help everyone get through every maze and get back their badges. However, you will encounter some setbacks, so be careful! Do you have what it takes to get all the badges back?

How to Play

Use the Arrow keys to guide everyone through the mazes and avoid dangers! If you get stuck, you can try and wrap around the open edges and go to the other side if it's also open! Press the Spacebar to use a shield to protect yourself from dangers. Your power meter determines its duration. Keep an eye on it!

Your main objective is to get back all the badges that Grizzle stole! First, collect all the hearts you find in the maze. After collecting them all, the badge will appear, and you can advance to the next stage! However, you should try to do this before the time runs out! If you can't, you will have to start all over!

Be aware of the dangers! Grizzle has placed clouds in the maze to make it harder for you to find the badges! If the clouds hit you, they will take time off the clock. They will have a greater impact, depending on their type. Some will carry you around, slow you down or even freeze you. Be careful and try to dodge them or use your shield!

What else you should know

The fun never stops! For every run, you can choose a level of difficulty. You should start with the easiest and build your way up to the harder ones. After you complete them all, you will be a master of mazes! 

If you want to take a quick break, look for the stars that lie around the mazes! You can stand on them to stay safe from the clouds and recuperate your speed. They will come in handy, especially when the game becomes more difficult! 

Can you retrieve everyone's badges? Complete the mazes and save the day! Everyone is waiting for you, so let's get it started!