Belly Ball

Join Cheer, Grumpy, and Funshine Bear in the cutest sports event in the Belly Ball game! Hurry, your furry friends can't wait to shoot hoops with you!

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About Belly Ball Game

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Join your favorite Care Bear characters to shoot some hoops in the Belly Ball game! Cheer, Grumpy, and Funshine Bear are waiting for you to participate in their sporty event! Do you think you have the right skills for this? Equip your sportswear, and get ready for the challenges that lie ahead!

To your positions, everyone! Your role is to help your furry friends score points and defeat their opponents! Do you think your physical skills are enough for this task? If so, get hydrated, and let's get you on the field! 

How to Play

To play the game, you only need your mouse! Move your mouse from left to right to move your character, and use the Left Click to lock your position. After, move your mouse up or down to aim at the hoop and use Left Click to shoot your shot! Pretty easy, right?

At the beginning of every round, you can choose with what furry friend you will play the game as. Afterward, you can pick one of the three difficulties! The difficulty will determine how many points you will have to score. You should try to clear them one by one to get used to the game!

If you don't have much luck at first, and you can't score that many points, don't worry! Before your score hearts you, have a power-up bar which will fill up after some time and grant you a certain point! You don't need to do anything to activate it. After you consume it, it will take some time to use it again, so be patient!

Hurry up, people! The game is about to start, and everyone is waiting for you on the playing field! Are you ready to help your friends win every match?