Wonder Cloud

Join the Care Bears for a heavenly adventure in the Wonder Cloud game! Can you bounce around on the clouds and collect as many star buddies as possible?

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Explore a wonderful universe of rainbows, fluffy pink clouds, and lovable friends with the Wonder Cloud game! The Care Bears are waiting for you in a heavenly realm, filled with joy and light-hearted fun. They even have a fun mission for you! Can you help them collect star buddies with the help of some pink heart-shaped balloons? It'll be a ton of fun!

This challenge consists of five levels, each with a different goal that you need to fulfill. Complete them one by one to receive the appreciation and friendship of the bears!

All you have to do is launch the small pink bear in the air, using the balloons that the other Care Bears are holding. Start playing, and you'll surely have a smile on your face after just a few moments!

How to Play

Are you ready to start hopping among the clouds? Your hero will start on one of the pink heart-shaped balloons. Click on it to make it pop and launch the small bear in the air! The longer you click and hold, the higher the bear will go. How fun!

Now, let's focus on catching the star buddies! Can you see them floating in the sky? Sometimes they'll even move! Your job is to launch the bear at the right trajectory and height. Hover your cursor over a balloon and pay attention o the arrow that appears! It indicates the direction in which it will launch our cuddly pink protagonist.

Try your best to stay away from the sad clouds! Every time one of them flies in, you'll have to jump around them unless you want to lose one of your precious star buddies. Therefore, whenever you touch them, you'll be one step behind in achieving your goal!

Congratulations! After completing one of the levels, you'll be able to see how well you did. The final tally includes the total time, number of clicks, and your favorite bear. How cute! Keep practicing with the bears to improve your precision, as well as your mood!