Where is my Porridge?

Help Grumpy Bear look for his favorite meal in the Where is my Porridge game! Wonderheart will also be by your side, helping you remember where to look!

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Don't miss out on the Where is my Porridge game if you want to spend some quality time with Grumpy Bear and Wonderheart! The two Care Bears are waiting for you in the Care-A-Van. It's a place crowded with all sorts of objects. Among them, Grumpy Bear is looking for his favorite snack - porridge. Can you help him find the bowls hidden under teapots, tool boxes, and other items?

The game consists of 8 levels, each challenging your memory and intelligence more. Can you find all the bowls in just a few tries? If not, Grump Bear will be upset and hungry. That's too bad!

How to Play

The first thing you have to do in this game is to pay attention. Look closely at the bowls of porridge, then watch the items that cover them up. Next comes the tricky part! All the objects will change their position on the shelves. Can you remember where Grumpy's meals are?

If you think you know the location of one of the bowls, simply click on one of the objects to lift it up. If your guess is correct, you'll make the bears happy. On the other hand, if you're wrong, you'll lose one of your precious three lives. As Grumpy has no patience, you'll have to restart the level. Yikes!

Luckily, Wonderheart will come to the rescue if you make a mistake. She'll move on the ladder on the right side of the screen, indicating the shelf where you'll find the missing porridge.

There's more you should know!

There are also some helpful objects that you can use to complete this challenge! The X-ray machine will help you see through one of the objects, the magnet will help you analyze all of them, and the fan will blow away all items of the same type. How cool!

Have you found any bumbleberry yet? They'll help you gain extra points if you find them on time. However, there's a catch! Once the time runs out, you'll lose the bonus. Yikes!

Finally, Grumpy is content! With his belly full, he doesn't seem as upset as before. After having fun with him and Wonderheart, you'll find that your memory and wits have sharpened. When you join the Care Bear for a game, you'll surely become a little better along the way!