Caillou Games

Play the Caillou Games, and get to join a young boy as he explores the world around him! Everything is easier to learn when he has such loving friends!

Meet the bright young boy who always asks questions!

Any curious child must be a fan of Caillou Games! If you haven't discovered this vintage animated sensation yet, you are in for a treat! This Canadian television series started out in the 1990s and had a clear purpose: to educate and entertain young children.

Luckily, the cartoon was a success with kids all over the world! Young ones love to watch the adventures of a hero of their age, as he gradually explores his environment. What is more, adults seem to enjoy the optimism and naivety of the series!

It's time to meet our hero! Caillou is an imaginative four-year-old who is fascinated by everything that surrounds him! From nature to sports and his neighborhood, this boy wants to discover and explore everything there is to know!

For instance, he is especially passionate about means of transportation. Can you guess which ones are his favorite? Of course, I am talking about airplanes and rocket ships!

On the other hand, Caillou is a special kid because of his vivid imagination and ability to fantasize. As a result, you might have noticed that he often daydreams about the future. Sometimes his expectations are a little unrealistic, but they are still fun and informative.

Do you want to join him for a fun activity that illustrates his personality? Then try the Follow the Stars game and practice your memory and musical abilities at the same time!

A loving family helps you learn something new every day!

Even if Caillou is a great kid, he would be lost without his family. Do you want to meet them? They aren't perfect by any means! However, they love each other and manage to solve their issues one way or another!

Who spends the most time with Caillou? That's right, it's Mommy! Like most mothers, this lady is busy as a bee nearly every minute of the day! Besides, she is also a career woman who earns most of the income. How does she do all that? Somehow, she also manages to play with Caillou and teach him useful lessons!

What about Caillou's dad? Certainly. He doesn't seem to be as active as his wife, Doris. However, he tries his best to spend time with his kids and even teach them a thing or two? For instance, Caillou wouldn't know the importance of a promise if it wasn't for his dad!

Let's not forget about the youngest family member: Rosie! It is sometimes easy to overlook her, as she is only two years old for most of the series. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that this fiery redhead doesn't have a big personality! Even if she is younger than our hero, this doesn't mean she doesn't teach him a thing or two about sharing and responsibility!

If you are looking forward to spending more time with this perfectly imperfect series, here's an excellent opportunity for you. Try The Memory Game to hang out with Mum, Rosie, and Caillou, while also exercising your memory!

Friends make Caillou Games even more fun!

Everybody knows that friends make exploring the world around you a lot more fun! Thankfully, Caillou has plenty of wonderful buddies of all ages and all species!

Let's begin with the most unusual! Did you know that young children often have meaningful relationships with their pets, and sometimes with their toys? Gilbert is the perfect illustration of that! The family's black and gray cat even sports a funky eye patch!

The pedantic toy dinosaur, Rexy, is also an essential part of Caillou's life. Besides being a great company for our hero, he also teaches children about speech impediments and how to overcome them!

Naturally, Caillou has some human friends too! Leo, Clementine, and Sarah are the most important children in our young hero's life. The fact that they come from such diverse backgrounds is so exciting!

Wouldn't you like to learn about other cultures while also having fun with your friends? You get to meet them by playing the Spelling with Caillou game!

Discover the joy of learning with Caillou Games! Day to day life can be so fascinating in the eyes of a four-yea-old-boy! Aren't you excited to discover more about the world around you?

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