What are the most popular Bike Games?

  1. Lloyd vs. Garmadon's Motorcycle-Gang
  2. Bike Stylin' Ride
  3. Motocross Friendship Games
  4. Crystalized
  5. Ultimate Spider-Cycle
  6. Mighty Bike Race
  7. Spy Squad Academy
  8. Turbo Run
  9. The Night Begins to Shine
  10. Race to the Barbie Dreamhouse

What are the best Bike Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Lloyd vs. Garmadon's Motorcycle-Gang
  2. Motocross Friendship Games
  3. Spy Squad Academy
  4. The Night Begins to Shine
  5. Road Riot

Hop on your dream bike!

Bike games turn a favorite childhood activity into an online competition! With our thrilling biking challenges, you don't need to take your bicycle out of the garage to enjoy a cycling adventure. Besides, adults can also relive their childhood by hopping on the ride of their choice and pedaling toward the finish line. There's a biking challenge for everyone!

The games in this category allow you to control any vehicle on two wheels of your choice, like a bicycle or a motorcycle. Therefore, if you've ever begged your parents for the newest model, you'll be glad to find that your dreams can finally come true! You can try fancy bikes, high-tech prototypes, or even fantasy models. How thrilling!

Do you prefer riding around town, speeding on a race course, or testing your skills on a muddy trail? Fortunately, you can experiment with all these options and many more. Regardless of your choice, the objective is to win the race! You can do this by pushing the pedal to the metal on the racetrack, overcoming obstacles on muddy trails, or performing tricks. 

Naturally, there can't be a race without some worthy opponents! For instance, you'll go against professional racers or famous daredevils from your favorite cartoons. To have a chance against them, you'll have to develop fast reflexes and learn to keep your cool at high speeds. Winning the race will be fun but also challenging! 

Do you have what it takes to win?

Speed is what matters most in some races. Luckily, our games allow players to ride as fast as lightning without the risk of getting hurt. However, the quicker you go, the harder it is to control your vehicle! Therefore, it'll take some practice to sharpen your reflexes and find the best balance between speed and accuracy. Only the most talented and perseverent racers have a chance of winning!

Learning how to overcome obstacles is another vital lesson for any aspiring champion. Some of our challenges feature muddy off-road trails, forcing you to jump over logs, ride over rocks, or use platforms to get to the finish line. You can prove your adaptability by using your speed and the props around you to stay on the road. Moreover, some games provide bonuses and power-ups to improve your chances. If you pick them up and use them wisely, you'll get an edge over your opponents!

What all bike champions have in common is a taste for thrills and adventure! All our challenges will encourage you to push your limits and feel a rush of adrenaline from the safety of the virtual world. Therefore, if you enjoy the ride, you're already a winner!

Race anywhere with Bike games!

Riding a bike can be an entirely different experience depending on the environment. If you're the type that enjoys hustle, bustle, and noise, you can race through a busy metropolis. Naturally, you'll be able to control high-tech vehicles while facing new obstacles, like tunnels, traffic cones, and hellish traffic. For example, games like the Ultimate Spider-Cycle let you feel the rush to ride through New York on Spiderman's custom motorbike!

For those who enjoy the great outdoors and its challenges, you can't miss out on offroad! As opposed to the smooth pavements of cities, muddy trails force the rider to take extra precautions. As a result, balance becomes more important than speed! Can you drive your dirt bike or ATV without making it crash? You'll find out with games like Stunt Dirt Bike!

The bravest competitors can do stunts to prove their love for adrenaline! While usually reserved for true daredevils, trick competitions are the ultimate test of skills. You can show off your moves with the help of ramps, bars, and other fun props. For instance, the Wheelie Bike game will challenge you to push one of the best-known tricks in cycling to the extreme!

If you simply can't decide what kind of bike race you want, some games combine them all! You can enroll in grand tournaments that will take you around the world. Besides, they feature vehicles for all preferences. Challenges like the Moto X3M game are ideal for those who can't decide!

To conclude, there's nothing like Bike games to help you feel the thrill on two wheels! Whether a beginner or a seasoned racer, you'll surely enjoy the ride of a lifetime while exploring this category!

There are currently 31 free online Bike games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones. Here you can see the games 1 - 30.